this morning we…

Slept in until 8:30 am.
Took Bailey for a walk in the park.
Kids complained the whole entire time.
Not relaxing nor enjoyable.
Next time they can stay home with Daddy.
Made a healthy breakfast.
Cleaned Alex’s bedroom. Thoroughly.
She actually was helpful.
That didn’t last long.
Attitude from a 7 year old.
Tonight…date night with hubby.
Which translates into dinner and grocery shopping.
Oh, the joy.

On Thursday we…
I got this idea from Shaving cream on the back porch. The girls enjoyed it very much and Mommy enjoyed the easy clean up. Just hose everything off, including the kids.




4 cans of shaving cream = cheap entertainment.

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One thought on “this morning we…

  1. grandma connie

    happy birthday to you . my mother always called and sang that to me as early in the morning that she could. she is gone now, but i have always carried it on to my daughters when it was their birthday.. i sang to them also and if they didnt answer their phone i left it on the answering machine. this way they could hear it over and over again if they wanted to.. and im sure they did, right girls.

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