vacation bible school

Today was the girls’ last day of vacation Bible school…it’s been a long week! The girls are at daycare all day, running around with summer activities like swimming and field trips, then from 6:30-8:45pm it’s VBS. This made for some cranky girls (and mommy). This was Parker’s first year (she’s 3) and she really enjoyed it. Alex looks forward to this every year. Sunday is the “Big Show” with the kids singing in front of the congregation. One of the songs they will be singing is “Today is the day” which is one of my favs. I don’t know why but I always get teary-eyed when the girls sing in church.

I will be featured on a guest post this weekend over at I encourage you to go check out Heidi’s faith blog. She is also starting a Thin Within study. It’s a biblical approach to weight loss.

Another blog I came across this last week is Everyone’s Entitled to Joe’s Opinion. His post on Ted Haggard’s new church is right on. (And if you don’t know…Ted Haggard is the Colorado Springs pastor who had an affair with a gay prostitute, lost his church, his standing in the community, his home, but not his wife [she stood beside him]…Now he is back starting a new church in the Springs.) Read Joe’s take on Haggard at and while you’re there poke around a little.

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One thought on “vacation bible school

  1. Thank you so much for letting me feature your post at my blog. I know it is a post that will encourage many in the days and weeks ahead!

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