colorado home and garden show adventure

The Colorado Home and Garden Show was held in downtown Denver this last week. I willingly chose to take the girls with me. Downtown. I said it would be an adventure. It was an adventure in patience. We parked at Coors Field and rode the shuttle bus to the Convention Center. I have always loved downtown Denver. If I didn’t have kids I would live in one of those trendy loft apartments converted from a warehouse. {sigh.} Anyway, below are lots of inspiration to get your backyard in shape.

we grow giant bears here in colorado

this outdoor fireplace would look great in my backyard

close up of the water feature on the outdoor fireplace...aaahhh

seriously, i want an outdoor fireplace in the backyard...only $2,999

firepit with "mountain" feature in background

Want to see more inspiration for your backyard? Check it out after the jump.


decor in japanese garden

into the japanese garden...this was a favorite with the girls

japanese garden

autumn gold's (the company glenn works with) water feature

tiki bar - note the light up bar top

outdoor fireplace with a pizza oven on top

the ultimate outdoor pretty i wouldn't want to grill on it

massive waterfall feature

get me a cold drink and put my feet up!

what tiki bar wouldn't be complete without a hammock and flat screen tv?

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