4 thoughts on “Ice Cream Social.

  1. grandma connie

    I would like to see the cow girl boots with the bikini. when i was a kid our family had the old fashion churn ice cream maker with the rock salt and ice, all taking turns turning the handle. what work that was, but ooh so gooood.

    • got2havefaith

      I remember us doing that too. Thank goodness they have these new inventions called electric ice cream markers!

  2. Sounds like fun! Hey, it’s ok to get the kids hyped every once in a while! Thats the best part of being a kid … ice cream, fun and craziness!

    • got2havefaith

      Sometimes I think my friends think that is all I serve…sugar and ice cream, because I am always inviting them over for a sugar overload. Carrot and celery stick parties wouldn’t be very popular!

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