December Daily | 8

This morning I got up, even though I wanted to stay in bed, and dropped Alex off at school. Then, I came home and went back to bed. Hey, don’t judge. I only stayed there for about an hour, but I still couldn’t get going this morning. So much on my to-do list and no motivation. I laid on the couch and watched The View. Finally got tired of the yelling from the ladies on the show, so I got dressed.

I just realized there is only 2 weeks until Christmas. Where have I been? Well, we’ve been dealing with Ed’s estate, two new dogs making a mess of my house, the celebration of life memorial service and laying Ed to rest. I’ve been a little preoccupied. But I am back now and feeling a little stressed. ‘Tis the season.

Selecting Christmas wrap at Target

Parker and I trekked to Target for a long list of items for the holidays. Christmas gifts for her older sister, secret Santa gift for pre-school, candy making supplies, Christmas wrapping (the blue with Santa dogs), bows, tape, warm gloves for everyone in the family, long underwear, socks, queso for a party on Saturday night, oh my! $170 later…I need a nap!

SPOILER ALERT: The postman delivered our Christmas cards from Winkflash. Now I have to address all the envelopes…I’ll just add that on my to-do list.

Cards of Christmas past here. Tonight is skate practice. It’s the last practice day before Alex’s holiday exhibition outside on Friday night. Alex wanted to Christmas shop for her little sister instead of skate. I had to check her for a fever. So, it was back to Target! I think I maybe solely supporting their stock…

The forecast is for a high of 38 degrees tomorrow night. But by 6:30 p.m. it will be much colder. That is why I bought the family warm gloves and long underwear.

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