It’s called Plum Crazy Purple

Here it is…the 1972 Dodge Charger back from restoration! Warning to all the car purest: it was not restored to original factory specs. This is our little “fun” car.


dodge charger

Glenn bought his ’72 Charger in the fall of 2006 from a dealer on Ebay. The dealer was located in South Carolina, so we had to arrange for the car to be delivered via trailer. He got the Charger for $6,800 plus $800 for shipping. A real bargain! The car needed a lot of work though. It had rust, the interior needed to be redone, and the passenger side door was crush from where a deer hit it. Glenn waited 3 long weeks for the delivery and walked 2 miles to meet the driver at a local mall to drive his “new” car home.

dodge charger


dodge chargerAlthough when we purchased the car it was painted Plum Crazy Purple, we discovered that was not the original color. It was Banana Boat Yellow. We decided to keep it Purple.

72 charger

Car Guy Details: 383 motor, 9.25 inch police interceptor rear end with sway bar, air shocks, custom 6-way electric seats including a fully redone interior, custom rear wing, custom billboard graphics, & pistol grip shifter.

dodge chargerCustom 383 billboards in satin black paint.

72 chargerCustom Dodge Scat Pack decal on hood.

1972 charger

When hubby bought these seats, they were white. Jack (a.k.a. resoration guru) used a fabric paint to change the color to black. He painted the metal Charger emblem red and mounted one in each seat to carry the red throughout the car.

dodge charger

Custom wing. Don’t hate us for it…

There is probably a lot of details I am leaving out…but that is it in a nutshell. And hubby has a punch list of things he still wants to complete or add to the car. Good thing we built a garage for the Charger sleep!

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2 thoughts on “It’s called Plum Crazy Purple

  1. Kathleen Brimer

    There’s really only one thing to say ” SWEEEEEET” !!!!!!!!!!

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