December Daily | Fourteen, Spiderweb

I am turning out all the lights in the house. The kids are tucked into bed but they are trying to get out of bed. I walk through the dining room when I turn around to see a huge spiderweb. I mean, it is HUGE! Like, as-big-as-a-dinner-plate huge.

I am not freaked out by spiders. I am usually the “spider catcher” in the house. But I have to say I’d hate to run into the spider that built this web. And, fortunately it is hanging outside of the house by our dining room window.

When did this get here?

december daily, brokeh

The lights are a reflection of the Christmas lights on our tree in the living room.

december daily

Merry Christmas, Spider.

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2 thoughts on “December Daily | Fourteen, Spiderweb

  1. connie

    That is so cool! God can even make a spider look good. He is amazing; down to every detail.

    • stunkard

      Well said. The spiderweb was gone the next day too. I didn’t knock it down.

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