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Free Christmas Card Templates

free christmas card template

Tidings of Comfort and Joy Design

It’s almost “that time of year”…time to get your custom Christmas cards printed and mailed!

Breaking my own no-Christmas-before-Thanksgiving rule, I have designed two custom Christmas card templates that are FREE for your personal use! Sweet, right?

free christmas card template

Peace Love and Happiness Design

Both designs are available in 4×6 and 5×7 layouts. All you have to do is open the .png file in a photo editing program such as Photoshop Elements, drop in your photo, flatten and save as a .jpg. Then upload the file to the printer of your choice such as, Winkflash, or Shutterfly; both are offering great discounts right now. If you have any problems retrieving the files or using them, please let me know. (Note on downloading the designs: unless you are a member of 4Shared, you can only download each files one at a time, not all cards as a .zip file.)

Leave a comment if you downloaded either design. I would love to hear from you. Enjoy!

Download Tidings of Comfort and Joy Design Here.

Download Peace Love Happiness Design Here.

FINE PRINT: If you like it, Pin it, but please don’t copy it. All designs by Jeri Stunkard. All rights reserved.

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I {heart} snow days?

project life freebies

It was a snow day yesterday. The first snow day of the school year. I was all excited until 10 a.m. when the fighting started. Fighting. Over. Markers. {sigh.}

And, the forecast had everyone scared we were going to get 14″ of snow that the school districts cancelled school before even one snowflake hit the ground. Um, yeah, we got about 6.5″. That is a waste of a good snow day.

snow day

P working on her math timed sheet…with her new favorite hat.

snow day

Alexandra working on her new Frank Lloyd Wright inspired house on SketchUp.


The base for the “Hello Winter” Project Life Freebie (above) can be found on Leslie Miller’s blog.

Did you see Scary Mommy on the Today Show this morning? I’ve been reading her blog for a few years. She is hilarious!

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How do you use Instagram?

I take pictures with my phone or iPad and post them to Instagram, but I am not sure why…Yikes. Don’t hate me.

Don’t get me wrong. I like technology. I argue with hubby that Instagraming/twittering/blogging/texting will help keep me in touch with young technology. In other words, it will keep me from turning into an old man who says he  “ain’t got time for that”. He is lucky when he actually sends a text message correctly.

I think the photo effects are cool.

I like to follow cool and creative people.

It is a social network with little pressure to post. Obviously I am not very social. I have only 5 followers. I follow 19 photographers. {sigh}

Or, maybe it’s just so I can document my whole 82 photos for Project Life.

Instagram scrapbook layout


So, how do you use Instagram? Oh, yeah, you can follow me on Instagram (link to the right). I could use the followers.

Sometimes my 11-year-old comes home and shows me a video on YouTube that is so funny you cry! Some days that is all you need.

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December Daily | Two

december daily

Day One of the girls’ Advent calendar was books.

december daily

Books wrapped in plain white paper under the tree.

december daily

Books to add to the collection: Bad Kitty Christmas and Mortimer’s Christmas Manger.


To read more about December Daily, head over to Ali Edward’s blog. Need Christmas book ideas? Check out Simple as That’s list of 50 Fabulous Children’s Books for the Holidays.

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Every vote counts!

I am not talking the Presidential race here! This will be a much easier choice to make.

Last week I entered a little Christmas card design contest over at Becky Higgins’ blog. And this morning I was notified that one of my designs made the Top 25! Super sweet!

Now I need a favor…head over to Becky’s Facebook page and vote for the Top 10.

Vote for your favorite; there are a lot of fabulous designs. Or, vote for mine. (Hint: it’s the one with the red background that says “wishing you love peace hope and joy” see above.) If my design is voted into the Top 10? Well, it means you really, really like me. Just kidding. It’s pretty awesome to be nominated on Becky’s blog.

What’s in it for you? Well, once the top 10 is chosen you can download the Christmas card templates for FREE from Becky! Who doesn’t love free?

Why are you still here? Go vote!

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Me…in this moment

big picture class

Mother, wife, graphic designer, friend, photographer, chef, nurse, travel coordinator, volunteer, blogger, daughter, stay-at-home mom, scrapbooker, maid, stain remover, Christian, therapist, font lover, ice skater, cookie baker, listener, book lover, explorer, creator, faithful, dog trainer, big sister, craft director, organizing specialist, dishwasher, taxi driver, ruler of the broom, house painter, observer…

Favorite part of the day…when the house is quiet and everyone is settled down for the night. It’s a time to unwind from the hectic day. The girls don’t have to be asleep; they can be in their room for “quiet time” or watching a movie together.

Loving…staying at home and not having to commute to work. This is much less stressful!

Longing for…more time with my husband.

Inspired by…photography, creative blogs and Pinterest. My blog is called: got2havefaith.wordpress.com

Dreaming of…vacation, mini-vacations and road trips…anywhere! I just want to explore.

Needing…time with my husband, support, nurturing and love.

When I was 16-years-old…I thought I was going to move to NYC and become a famous fashion designer.

Guilty pleasure… Real Housewives of Orange County reality show, and Project Runway fashion reality show (love Heidi, Michael and Nina).

The lessons I keep learning…let it go and just breathe.

You can never have too many…open-toed shoes, or colorful nail polish, or travel magazines.


big picture classes

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