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A Neon Themed Birthday Party

Neon birthday party


Parker turned the big 7 this weekend. Apparently, it’s a big deal to go from 6-years-old to 7-years-old. I can’t remember that far back. Her theme of choice was “neon”.

sherbert bomb

Sherbert Bombe with neon candles

Neither of my girls are much of cake-eaters. Which, at times has made me wonder if they really are my kids. Parker’s favorite ice cream right now is Sherbet. But, what’s a birthday without cake, right? Enter the Sherbet Bombe.

{To make a Sherbet Bombe, or ice cream bombe, simply line a loaf pan with plastic wrap. Choose 3 flavors of Sherbert. Thaw Sherbert #1 so that it is spreadable, but not runny. Spread 1/3 bottom of pan. Freeze for at least an hour to firm up. Repeat with #2 flavor, then #3 flavor, freezing between each layer. To get the bombe out before serving, just run the underneath side of the loaf pan through water. Turn pan upside down onto serving platter and slide the pan and plastic wrap off. Slice with a knife.}

neon party

Party central

neon party theme

Place setting, neon colored pencils, lots of Glow sticks too

neon party theme

Neon Twizzlers…yum!

sherbert bombe

Sherbert Bombe in the dark

ice cream bombe

Blowing out the candles

Happy Birthday, Parker! Make a wish….

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Oh, why is she in a hurry to grow up?

Ten years ago I almost gave birth in the hospital parking lot. Flashback to a few hours earlier that morning: I wasn’t even sure if I was in labor. I had to crack open my copy of “What to expect when you’re expecting” to check my symptoms. And check it again. Thankfully I made it into the hospital in time to start pushing before my doctor bothered to check in on me.

Back then I thought that a book would hold all the answers to raising this child. I threw the books out a long time ago when I realized that wasn’t the case. We are learning this together as we go along.

She couldn’t wait to be born into this world. I say that she has been impatient since the day she was born. In a hurry to be born and in a hurry to grow up. To me, she looks like she grew from 5 to 10 overnight!

Checkerboard Cake

She decorated her own cake. She also had a sleepover with 5 other girls. Of course, there was girl drama. There always is. Three of the girls made my little girl cry. The specifics don’t matter. The fact is, they were saying mean words.

Whoever said, “Sticks and stones my break my bones but words will never hurt me.” was never a girl.

I had to lay down the rules. “Girls, you need to remember we are a guest in our home. It is her birthday, so whatever mean things have been said, you better get up, and get in there and make it right. Now.” Yeah, I am pretty sure they don’t care for me much. But they did get up and move quickly and smooth it all out.

I am convinced of this: part of the reason girls think it is okay to show their “mean girl” side is because parents allow it. How many times have I witnessed this behavior in friends’ homes and they did nothing? Or, worse, they said something like, “work it out”. What does that even mean? How would an 8, 9 or 10-year-old know how to “work it out” if you, the parent, don’t show them? Or, if you appear to tolerate the behavior or don’t care that it is going on? They will think it is okay.

I don’t tolerate it in my home. If they had made another girl cry, which has happened on more than one occasion, I have handled it the same way. By letting them know that it is unacceptable.

I haven’t read a book on this subject either. We are figuring it out as I go along.

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A Halloween Birthday Party

My little Park E. Bear is turning 5 years old this week. Hard to believe…isn’t it always? She is such a funny little character. She is a sponge which means she absorbs every little “bad” word I say, then repeats it. She is a kissy bear too; always giving me kisses.

This year Parker proclaimed she wanted to have a Halloween themed birthday party and a witch cake. A few years ago I attempted to bake a Barbie princess cake for Alex. I failed miserably. What do they say? Try, try again.

So I did.

Are you a good witch or a bad witch?

I used a Wilton’s Barbie Cake Mold, two 8″ rounds for the bottom of the cake and lots of sprinkles. The broom is made out of a paintbrush and the hat is made from black card stock glued to the doll’s head. Betty Crocker has this great YouTube video on how to make this cake. And you don’t need a Wilton’s cake mold…it is extremely helpful.

More details after the jump...

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and she turns nine…


subway birthday dinner


I have a nine-year old daughter. Nine. Most days it’s hard to believe. Other days it’s hard to believe she is only nine. She thinks she is old enough to have a cell phone. She thinks everyone has to knock, and she has to say “come in”, before they can enter her bedroom. She wants her own curling iron. She thinks Princesses are for babies. She has her own sense of clothing style. She is starting to figure out the “label” thing with clothing. I think the hormones are kicking in. She is a control freak at times. She is beautiful inside and out.

Alex wanted Subway for her birthday dinner. She could have anything and she still chose Subway for her birthday. On Saturday she had a sleepover with 3 friends. One would think that limiting the number of 9-year-old girls at a sleepover would minimize the “girl drama”…well, you’d be sadly mistaken, my friend. Even just 2 girls together equals drama. I had to finally sit them down a let them know that under no uncertain terms were they going to suck me into their drama…Save the drama for your mama and get over it!

the ice skater cake

According to the 4 girls, they stayed up ALL NIGHT LONG. I think it was more like 2 am. Sleepovers aren’t for sleeping, you know. Even though it was “lights out” at midnight, I know it was at least 2 am because the mama across the street was texting her 9-year-old daughter at the sleepover. She was checking in on her. Did I mention she is right across the street? Anyhoo, we woke up to 6 inches of snow on Sunday morning. Bummer that the girls didn’t get snowed in. Not. So, I survived the sleepover. Alex was in a crabby mood due to the lack of sleep the night before. All is normal in the house.

Now I can concentrate on planing Glenn’s birthday party this weekend. He is going to be 50. The good news is he now qualifies for AARP. Now sure what that entails but I hear it is a good thing. Lots of great SENIOR discounts, I hope.

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happy birthday parker

Parker officially turns 4 years old on Monday but today we celebrated by going to the circus. Parker loved every minute of it. She clapped along, ohs and ahs came out of her mouth, even a “wow” or two…it was the Greatest Show on Earth. I know the elephants are billed as the stars of the show but I think the body benders and the daredevils are the real stars. Amazing stuff that I can’t even begin to explain in words…just go. Today. After the circus we came back to the house and had lunch and cake and ice cream with friends and grandma. Parker got into the birthday mode by telling everyone of the schedule of events for her party…lunch first, then play while mommy cleans up, then cake and ice cream, which everyone will sing “happy birthday” to me, then we open presents and play some more (in case you where wondering). That’s my girl, the program director.

What a sweet day it was. Full of  “thank you for a great party, mommy!” from my baby girl. It was not my usual over-planned affair. It was sweet and simple this year. Part of my new K.I.S.S. philosophy (keep it simple stupid).


at the circus, big sis on left/birthday girl on right

blowing out candles, making wishes

To see the party decor…click below.

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tea party invite

Tea parties seem to be the “in” thing right now. Alex has been invited to 3 tea parties in the last 3 months! Below is another tea party invite I designed for my friend’s daughter who is turning 6 this month. It’s designed to fit in a regular #10 envelope for easy mailing. Her mother is scouring the local thrift stores for tea cups to give away as party favors for the party.

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