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Life marching on…whether we want it to or not.

I cried on the way home from work. The stress and pressure of keeping things afloat at the office is getting to me. Everyone says it will get easier. I just don’t know when. Life doesn’t stop for death.

Whatever happened to a mourning period?

My little Parker taught me to make dinner. She’s 5. Pigs in a blanket. She was so happy and proud to show me what to do. And she ate all her dinner. There was no whining or asking if she can be done. She should make dinner every night.

Hubby wasn’t feeling very well. Thought he was passing a kidney stone. He wasn’t. He refused to go to urgent care. Why pay all that money for health insurance if you refuse to use it? He ended up going this morning anyway (a friend drove him). It is a hernia. {sigh.}

Alex is across the street playing with her friend. Her friend was diagnosed with Type I Diabetes. Alex misses her friend. She has known her since they were babies…born 3 months apart. They don’t attend the same elementary school so they don’t see each other that often, even though they live right across the street.

Kari’s memorial service is Friday. The office will be closed.

We’re looking forward to Alex’s sleepover birthday party on Saturday. She is turning 10. And Valentine’s Day is “just around the corner”. We have to buy Valentines and decorate shoe boxes. Hubby will turn 51 in a few week too.

So, life does march on…

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i am thinking…

Things I love: My family, my friends, my dog
Things I wish I had: Inner-peace, a bigger kitchen, more time, more patience
My favorite place(s) on earth: Home, the ice rink, any bookstore
Things that gross me out: Sitting across from someone who is eating with their mouth open. It’s not see-food, people!
Things I am really good at: Design, scrapbooking. I used to really good at baking too…can you lose your baking mojo?
Books that have stayed with me but I don’t fully understand: Possessing the Secrets of Joy by Alice Walker
Things that anger me: People who think the rules don’t apply to them. Glenn has seen this first-hand the last few weeks. He is picking Alex up after school and seeing exactly what I rant about every week…parents not following the rules in the school parking lot. Yes, the rules are for you too. The rules are there to keep our kids safe.
The best food on earth: Guacamole at Hacienda Colorado. Chips and guac…that’s all I need. Okay, maybe a pomegranate margarita too.
Three things I hope for: 1) my daughters stop fighting and love each other as best friends. 2) my husband stops and listens to me…really listens. 3) that next year is a better one financially.
Things I am thinking about right now: My word for 2011. Instead of a resolution, it’s a word to focus on for the new year. I am thinking “health”. (More details about that later.)


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my husband has the job i want

The landscaping season has winded down. Now is the time that my hard-working hubby becomes a stay-at-home-husband. Lucky man. He has the job I want. He gets to pick up our oldest daughter after school so she no longer has to attend after school care. He gets to stay up late and sleep in. He gets to stay home the entire week of Thanksgiving during the girls’ fall break. Likewise for Christmas break and Spring break. Our oldest daughter has the flu today. He gets to stay home and nurse her back to health. Sure, he may get vomited on a few times, but that is part of the deal. He (usually) has dinner ready when I get home from my long commute. I just have to make sure the menu is written out and posted on the fridge, and everything is defrosted and ready to go…but I digress.

He doesn’t, however, vacuum, dust, do the laundry or straighten up around the house before I get home. He says he is busy all day…but I have my doubts. Because, apparently, I am the only one you knows where we keep the vacuum cleaner or toilet bowl cleaner. {sigh} I admit there are days that I do very little around the house. But I am one tired mama. Exhausted. I get up in the morning, get dressed, wake the girls, make them breakfast, pack lunches, get the girls dressed, teeth brushed, hair brushed and then drive them each to their schools, then commute to the office. While he hasn’t even showered yet.

I don’t want a commute from h***. Like tonight. A stupid-crazy winter storm blew through the city. It snowed sideways for about 15 minutes. By the time I left the office the roads were only slightly wet, but you would have thought there was black ice everywhere! The top speed? Five miles per hour. Whoa, slow down there people!

I want to be the one nursing my sick child back to health and getting dinner on the table when he walks through the door in the evening. I don’t want to have mommy guilt about leaving work early for Brownies, a recital, a skate show, or anything else that is needed. Mommy guilt…that is a whole other post.

I just I want his job. And the kicker is: He doesn’t realize what a lucky guy he really is. And how envious I am.


After thought: So, some people thought that the above post was a B**** session about my husband. Well, it wasn’t. I am just envious of how lucky he is to stay home with our kids and pissed that he doesn’t know how lucky he is! I did leave work early today to come home and snuggle with my kid who has the flu…clearly I will now get the flu this weekend. And I did have “mommy guilt” for leaving work too. Again, that’s another post for another day.

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do you live what you believe?

On most days that answer is probably pretty easy. It’s not everyday that we are presented with a moral dilemma that shakes our belief system to the core. Oh, we voice our opinions on major issues–drug dealers, drunk driving, and rapist. You know where you stand when it comes to those issues, but what would you actually do if you were confronted with a moral dilemma involving one of those issues? Would you turn in a rapist that was your boss? Would you report a drunk driver who was your father? Would you report your sister for dealing drugs, knowing she would lose her kids? When it comes down to it, do you have what it takes to do the right thing; to sand up for what you truly believe, even when it is the hard thing to do?

Do you walk the walk or are you all talk?

Here’s a moral dilemma to ponder. But before you answer it with the obvious answer, ask yourself if you would truly live what you believe in this situation. Could you actually live with your choice?

You find out a friend is growing and selling marijuana. The friend claims he is only selling to other “friends”, however he just purchased more equipment for growing pot. You believe this means he is expanding his “hobby”, as he calls it. You believe the money he is making now is not going to be good enough for him, he will become greedy. The friend is also growing and selling pot from his house that is located across the street from an elementary school. He is selling drugs in a school zone, even if he is not selling to kids (yet). You know if you turn him in he is looking at a very long jail sentence. You don’t want to be responsible for sending a man to jail. He is basically a “good guy” (except for the drug dealer thing). Your spouse wants to ignore it. It’s his life and it’s not in your neighborhood. But, you know how you would feel if there was a drug dealer living in your neighborhood, across from your kids’ school…so how can you ignore it?

What would you do? Not what would you say you would do, but what would you really do?

Some questions that come to mind: What kind of example are you setting for your kids by ignoring it? What would you tell your child to do if it was their friend selling the pot? Is it “okay” because it is (as some people say) “just pot”? Would it be different if he was cooking up some Meth in his kitchen? Would you want to live next door to a drug dealer? Does any of these questions change your answer? Would you give the friend  the opportunity to change his course in life? Would you confront him into changing or getting turned in? How far would you go to help him “see the light”?

Gut check time. What would you do?

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3 reasons i {heart} my husband

3 reasons I my husband right now.

  1. He says, “No, Honey. The meat is dried out because it was a bad cut of meat, not because you over-cooked it in the crock-pot.”
  2. He refuses to go to a strip club because of his moral beliefs when he is invited to a bachelor party.
  3. He plays “house” or “tea party” with the girls, even though his is bored out of his mind…anything for his girls.

I don’t say it often enough…I am thankful to have you in my life.

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disrespecting 9/11

With the anniversary of  September 11th fast approaching, many people are taking this time to reflect. Reflect on the events that unfolded that day. Do you remember where you were? Reflecting and remembering the innocent victims who lost their lives. Reflecting on how we felt, in our hearts and our guts, as we watched our country being attacked. Reflecting and praying for our country.

Others are using this time in a not so productive manner.

FLORIDA: Pastor Terry Jones is planning to hold a bonfire fueled with 200 or more Korans to commemorate September 11th. Of all the things this man could do, he chooses to evoke hatred. Jones is hiding behind his First Amendment right. Just because we have the “right” in this country to do something doesn’t automatically make it right. Jones’ act is inconsistent with what America stands for. It is a hatred-filled message to the world. And it is inconsistent with what the Bible teaches.

The most dangerous man in the world is the one who spreads hatred in the name of God.

Jones’ views are not the views of the majority in America. His views are of the extreme minority. (Yes, there are Christian extremist too). I pray the world can see that the act of the few is not the act of many. Pastor Jones, put down the Koran, pick up a Bible…and read it!

President Obama said it best: Muslims are not our enemy, Al-Qaeda is our enemy.

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