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disrespecting 9/11

With the anniversary of  September 11th fast approaching, many people are taking this time to reflect. Reflect on the events that unfolded that day. Do you remember where you were? Reflecting and remembering the innocent victims who lost their lives. Reflecting on how we felt, in our hearts and our guts, as we watched our country being attacked. Reflecting and praying for our country.

Others are using this time in a not so productive manner.

FLORIDA: Pastor Terry Jones is planning to hold a bonfire fueled with 200 or more Korans to commemorate September 11th. Of all the things this man could do, he chooses to evoke hatred. Jones is hiding behind his First Amendment right. Just because we have the “right” in this country to do something doesn’t automatically make it right. Jones’ act is inconsistent with what America stands for. It is a hatred-filled message to the world. And it is inconsistent with what the Bible teaches.

The most dangerous man in the world is the one who spreads hatred in the name of God.

Jones’ views are not the views of the majority in America. His views are of the extreme minority. (Yes, there are Christian extremist too). I pray the world can see that the act of the few is not the act of many. Pastor Jones, put down the Koran, pick up a Bible…and read it!

President Obama said it best: Muslims are not our enemy, Al-Qaeda is our enemy.

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why i wish i owned a mac

FACT: PCs running Windows system software are more prone to computer viruses than Macs. This week I really wish I had a Mac at home. I work with Macs at work (and have never had a virus in 15 years), but at home we have 2 PCs. Glenn’s computer got ANOTHER virus. It seems no matter how hard I try to protect that PC, nothing stops those criminals. I have McAfee Virus Protection, a Firewall and SpyDoctor installed on the computer, but that didn’t protect us.

Criminal scammers and virus writers are getting more savvy about how they go about unleashing a mayhem onto your computer. This latest virus started when Glenn was online. A very scary and official-looking Microsoft message box popped up stating that our computer had viruses, trojan horses, all kinds of threatening stuff. Flashing red letters: Just click here and everything will be fixed honkey-dorey.

Glenn has been taught (by me) to NEVER EVER click on the box to scan the computer.  Our anti-virus protection programs will never pop up like that. While the warning box may look official, complete with the Microsoft logo, it’s a scam. They are not scanning your computer for viruses, they definitely are downloading spyware and/or viruses to your computer recording your keystrokes to get valuable passwords to bank accounts and credit card numbers. I am not sure what the value of downloading a virus is except maybe to piss me off.

In the past it’s been advised that if you get one of these pop-ups the best thing to do is click on the red box with the “X”  in the right-hand corner of the window to close it. Then close out of everything and run your anti-virus software to double-check that nothing had been downloaded. (That is exactly what Glenn did. Good boy.) But that is so 2009! Today, if you click on the red box with the “X” that actually tells the program to run and…you’ve got a virus! (Oh crap.)

So here is 3 things I learned this week about viruses:

  1. Use Safari or Firefox instead of Internet Explorer. Criminals are going to write the code for the Browser that is the most popular (i.e. Explorer) to increase their chances of infecting as many computers as possible. About 2-3% of people use Safari (and that is what most Mac users have). So the chances of getting a virus if you are using a Browser like Safari are less likely.
  2. There is nothing you can do. Protect all you want but these criminals are smarter than your anti-virus software. My McAfee was completely destroyed by this virus…like I never had it to begin with.
  3. Buy a MAC!

$130 later we have the PC back. I still have to reinstall McAfee. We have had 3 viruses on this computer since we bought it 4 years ago. Steve Jobs, if you’re out there listening…please send me a Mac for Christmas!

If you live in the Westminster, CO area…the guys at PC City have mad-skills when it comes to fixing this type of problem! Look them up.

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i used to think i was lucky

I have a friend whose daughter, starting at the age of about 3 (she is now 6) would let out this blood-curtailing-ear-drum-breaking scream. For no apparent reason. Just ’cause. I was thankful I only spent a few hours at a time with her rather than live with her. But still, it would drive me insane how she would scream. “What is wrong with her?” I thought. Even after being told time and time again by her parents to stop screaming, she would still let it go anyway. So, I thought to myself that I was lucky that my girls didn’t do that.
 Until now. 

Alex was sitting quietly on the couch watching TV when out of her mouth came this scream that made everyone in the house including the dog jump. “Aaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!” What the ****? For no apparent reason. She screams again, then laughs. I guess she found this funny. If blood coming out of my ears is funny; then I guess so. She has started this at the age of 8. Which I have to ask…is she a late bloomer? And even when I or her father ask her, time and time again, to stop screaming? Well, she doesn’t. In fact, I think she does it just to piss me off. Maybe that is the point. 

I once thought I was lucky. I was wrong.


I love this picture. Not sure I will scrapbook it. It’s too cute…Parker hand-washing dishes when out dishwasher broke.

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nickel and dimed

Copy-of-nickel-n-dime1Ever feel like you are constantly being nickel and dimed for everything? Take my daughters school for instance. I think it should be renamed the School of Nickel and Dimed Academy. It’s only October 2nd and already Alex has brought home 2 different fundraisers; there is a monthly fundraiser at a local pizza joint; and tonight there is a fundraiser disguised as a carnival. The carnival is where kids purchase tickets to play games for cheap toys that I will throw in the trash next week because I keep stepping on them and say we are raising money for the school. I would rather they just flat out ask me for the money!

School pictures are next week. These are crazy expensive and I have to pay for them sight unseen. I can also order the class picture now, for an extra fee. The school also takes pictures again in the spring and I could order the yearbook at that time too for another $25.

I know there will be one more fundraiser before the end of the year. It’s the big Christmas fundraiser. Cheap gifts with high price tags. My 3 year old, who is only in daycare, brought home a fundraiser catalog in which for $16 I can buy a box of 36 frozen cookies. Now, that’s  a deal!

What is this buy-buy-buy in the name of fundraising teaching our kids?

So, I am putting a stop it this non-stop fundraising. I opt out. I say “stop the insanity”.

I haven’t bought anything from these catalogs. I am not buying pictures that I can’t view before hand. I say “no” to the $16 cookies. I will not purchase any trinkets that I don’t need or want.

I gave Alex $5 for the carnival tonight. I told her, “spend it wisely.” I may buy pictures in the spring since I can view those proofs first. Then again I may not. I will not buy a yearbook for a 2nd grader. There will be no purchasing of the oh-so-cute snowman wrapping paper from the Christmas catalog in this house.

No, this year I am standing firm. Talking tough. Taking a stand. Will I stand strong or crumble under the peer pressure? Only time will tell…

Here is a finished summer digi layout. We made our own summer camp this year.

Stay at home camp-right

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adultery is acceptable.

Scratch that…it’s expected. Yeah, you read that right. I just can’t get over something a local morning radio host said this morning regarding American Idol winner Kris Allen.

She said that “…as soon as he sees some ‘hot young thing’ on tour his marriage will be over…it will never last.” (Kris Allen has been married for about 8-9 months with 5 of those months spent in the AI competition and away from is new wife.) Thus, it’s expected that he will cheat on his wife. Who could blame him? Fame, fortune, women throwing themselves at him, it’s all for him to take–right? That is what the dj eluded too. So, obviously, according to this morning dj, this married man will cheat. She expects him too, so much so that she has said is marriage is already over.

To assume he will cheat and doesn’t take his vows seriously is insulting! The saddest part is that what she said is more of a commentary on today’s society rather than an attack on Kris Allen’s morals or religious beliefs. Adultery is no longer viewed as shocking–it’s commonplace. Everyone does it. Too many families have been destroyed by it. That makes me very sad.

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so, you want to be a goddess?

So, you want to grow up to be a goddess my daughters? Well, I think you would be disappointed. Here’s the story I read in the newspaper this morning. Nepal anointed a 3-year-old girl, Matani Shakya, as a living goddess. What does this mean? Well, first she had to go through many tests as follows, according to the AP Press:

The judges read the candidates’ horoscopes and check each one for physical imperfections. The living goddess must have perfect hair, eyes, teeth and skin with no scars, and should not be afraid of the dark.

As a final test, the living goddess must spend a night alone in a room among the heads of ritually slaughtered goats and buffaloes without showing fear.

Now, as a Mother of 2 girls I have to ask the question: Are you freakin’ kidding me? As if living in isolation until the day the “kumari” starts her period and then is thrown back into society with her family where she can’t adjust to “normal” life isn’t enough; she then will most likely never marry because it is believed that she is now “cursed” and any man who marries her will die at a young age. So she will be in isolation her whole life…an outcast. My heart just sank when reading this article. Some say that it is their culture and religion and it’s none of our business. We can’t possibly understand it. Is female circumcision okay because it is culture based? I know wrong when I see it. As a mother I know this is wrong.

I think it was Paul Harvey who said: “We are not one world.” Ain’t that the truth!

Read the complete AP Press article: or check out CrabMommy’s take on it at:

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