Birthday Party Ideas

Below are just some of the parties that I have planned for my little girls and hubby. I hope that it will led to inspiration for your next party.

Neon birthday party

Ideas for a neon themed party can be found by clicking on the above photo.

Halloween Birthday Party:

Witch Cake

Details are here for entire post, complete with Brain Freeze Punch, games and decorating ideas.


Ice Cream Social:

Thursday we are hitting the road. Destination: Ft. Worth, Texas for Glenn’s family reunion. I will not be taking my laptop on the trip. I know, I might have withdraws! But until we get back I thought I would fill you in on the details of our Ice Cream Social this last weekend. Ice Cream Socials were a regular thing in our small town in Missouri.

I thought it would be fun to invite friends and neighbors over for dessert. And I haven’t known anyone who would turn down a bowl of ice cream…made just the way they like it!

Parker got dressed up for the party…she wore her hot pink bikini and black cowgirl boots. She lives in swimsuits during the summer (and occasionally in the winter too).

Alex picked out all the ice cream flavors. The good stuff, not the cheap stuff here. Mint chocolate chip, Reese’s peanut butter, Neapolitan, chocolate, vanilla bean, and Oreo cookie. And, as you can see, there was no shortage on toppings!

Pictured top left is Semi-Banana Split Bites: chocolate dipped bananas, rolled in nuts, with whipped cream and a cherry. I originally saw this idea on Bakers Royale. She actually hollowed out the banana and stuffed it with ice cream. Yeah, I am too lazy for that! I skipped that part. Oh yeah, and the whipped cream melted quickly and slide off the bananas leaving a runny mess. I would suggest you add the whipped cream and cherry, then QUICK hand these little babies out. Don’t even wait 5 minutes.

I have to apologize to the parents of the children who attended the party ’cause they were hopped up on sugar. Sorry. Glenn made a last minute run to Walmart for Coke to make a few grown-up drinks. He came back with Orange Crush which is like Crack to kids! Sorry again.

This Ice Cream Social was a hit…and much easier than a barbeque!

“You can’t buy happiness, but you can buy ice cream and that is kind of the same thing!” (unknown)


Donut Party:

go to my post: to see the details, complete with decorations and games.


Hao! Kai-Lan

Parker Birthday 2009 031

Almost everything on this table is handmade. saved me this year. On their website you can find all of these printables and more for any of their Nick characters (i.e. Dora, Diego, Backyardigans).

Parker Birthday 2009 037

My very happy 3 year year old posing in front of her Kai-Lan theme party table! So, let’s start with the cupcakes. The cupcakes are semi-homemade using box mix and tub icing. I topped each with a fortune cookie (found at Walmart, 12 for $2.99). (Cake, icing and cupcake liners at Target for $5.20 total.) The sprinkles I had on hand. Hint: double wrap the cupcakes with 2 different colors to make more festive.

Parker Birthday 2009 002The invitations: from

Parker Birthday 2009 029

Decorations: These cute lanterns are printables from I run them out on my ink jet, cut and assembled. They are really cute but time consuming. I only had the energy to make 3 total. These are a little time consuming to make. Instead of using expensive photo paper, I just used a white card stock and used the economy print setting to save ink. This worked just fine. (Cost: $0, since I had the ink and paper on hand.)

Parker Birthday 2009 030

The  small blue lanterns (above) are made from toilet paper rolls that I collected for over a month. I covered each with a blue card stock (from our craft box stash), added the red strip from the streamer roll, punched 2 holes and hung them with string (also from our craft box). (Cost: $1 for 2 rolls of steamers at Dollar Tree, which will be used again in the party.)

Parker Birthday 2009 025The cute printable “fortune tellers” (below) are from Also I printed the “Say it Two Ways” card from the same website (left).

Parker Birthday 2009 033And, the Kai-Lan fans were printables along with the cup art. The cup art is actually a juice box planter printable but I printed it out from my inkjet, used markers to color in, then cut out and taped to the front of the cups. I also run out and cut out the straw toppers.

Parker Birthday 2009 046Panda Origami. Found on, you guessed it, The googley eyes were $1 at Joann’s and the template I printed out. The older kids like doing this craft. They thought it was neat since they had never experienced paper folding before. The little kids need adult help.

Parker Birthday 2009 028Party Favors: I used more saved toilet paper rolls. Cover the roll with light blue tissue paper, secured 1 end with 1/2 of a pipe cleaner, fill with small candy (Kisses, candy corn & Reese’s), then secure the open end with the other half of the pipe cleaner. I finished it off with a red band of streamer. (Cost: tissue paper I had on hand. Pipe cleaner $1 at Dollar Tree, candy $1 for candy corn. I had Kisses & Reese’s in the pantry.)

Food: Koolaid ($ .52), frozen pizzas ($15.33 at Target), Mandarin Oranges (2 cans for $1.78), mixed veggies (broccoli, cauliflower & carrots $6.27), veggie dip ($3.79), chips ($3), ice cream cups (12 for $2.99).

Misc: Poccy chocolate sticks ($4.99 at Cost Plus Imports), chopsticks (10 pack for $1.07 at Walmart), table clothes (2 for $2 at Dollar Tree), also from Dollar Tree I bought all the plates, cake plates, forks, cups and napkins for $1 each (total of $5). So, if you’re keeping track that was a GRAND TOTAL OF $59.93!


  • Make a “wish list” of what you would like to have at the party then find a way to do it cheaper.
  • Check your local Dollar Tree or Dollar Store for unusual items. You would be surprised what these stores have.
  • Shop on Clearance. I bought Parker’s birthday presents, a Kai-Lan lunch box for $2.50 and a Hello Kitty Tent, for just $4.98 on clearance!
  • When making decorations be sure to allow plenty of time to cut out and make. I started in September making everything for this party, which was in October.
  • Search the web for printables. This saved me big time!
  • Search around your house to see what you might have on hand already. My theme colors came from the tissue paper and colored card stock that I had on hand. You have to get creative!


Punk Princess.


This party was for my daughter’s 7th birthday. I designed the skull and cross bones in Adobe Illustrator and had the cake shop make an eatable image from my print out. The large confetti on the table is from a scrapbook website that I printed out on my ink jet printer, then cut out each image and used double-stick tape to adhere to the table cloth which was bought at Dollar Tree. The blog for the skull printables is:


These images are also from that scrapbook blog above. I enlarged the images, printed them out and cut and tied the images together with black streamers. I also made each image 2 sided.


I bought some Valentine theme cupcakes from the bakery and made the cupcake picks by printing out the large confetti pieces and gluing each to a toothpick.


CandyLand Birthday.


The invitations for my daughter’s 2nd birthday was a CandyLand theme. I purchased a sucker photo image from a popular photo website (sorry, I can’t remember which one). In Adobe Illustrator I created the type in a circle, then opened that file in Adobe Photoshop Elements. This made the type a transparent layer. From there I changed the transparency to 25% of the sucker image in the background then positioned the Illustrator type on a top layer. I set all the other text on several other layers. I also positioned on a layer a 100% image of the sucker (side by side), this served as the reverse side of the invite. I ran the images out to fit (front and back images) on an 8.5×11 sheet of photo card stock to my ink jet printer, cut them out and glued each the images together with a large Popsicle stick in between. I then wrote “You’re Invited” on the Popsicle stick with a Sharpy marker and handed the invites out to the invited guests.


For the party favors I created in Photoshop Elements a wrap for a Hershey bar. I started with a freebie download of the wrap (from a website I wish I had wrote down) and modified it to fit my needs. (sorry again)


As you can see I am no cake designer. My 7 year old also helped decorate the cake too. I make a 3 layer cake then used some mini cupcakes and mini ice cream cone cupcakes to decorate the cake. We got a little crazy with the sprinkles and candy!


Truly a homemade cake…but it tasted sooooo good!


For the table setting  I used bright colors as in the game CandyLand. The table cloth, napkins, crazy straws and plastic (reuseable) cups I purchased at the Dollar Store.


And of course, oodles of candy. Whatever was leftover went home with guests as part of the party favors! I used simple brown paper bags for the take home loot along with a Hershey bar.

pom martiniCandy for the adults: Rose’s Pomegranate Martini. Just use the mix, add vodka, shake with ice and served in a sugar rimmed glass. Yummy! Caution, after 2 of these I couldn’t photograph my feet let alone my daughter opening presents, so go easy on these! Or, at least take as many pictures as possible before hitting the vodka.


Ice Sk8er Cake

I had an edible image put on this cake for a perfect birthday cake for my “Sk8er Girl”
(Except the bakery spelled “Sk8er” wrong, even though I gave them a handwritten drawing…ugh!)


50th Birthday Party.

The Invitation

This party was for my hubby. You can see the details here.


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  3. Lorelei

    For the Ni Hao party there is something n
    on the plate next to the chopsticks that look like something I used to play with when I was younger. What is the name? Did you also get on nickjr? I tried to look but don’t know the name. I’m doing a Kai LAN party also.

  4. Oh wow! That’s inspriing stuff. I have grandkids, nieces and nephews who might enjoy it if I made a party like that for them.

    I might just do it thanks to your inspiration.

  5. morningdevotion

    Nice site, my friend. Hope I have the right site. I believe you contacted me through my website at

    Hope you have a blessed day and I pray that God’s love will overflow through your creative efforts to serve people.


    Martin Drummond

  6. wow! i wanna live at your house! 🙂

  7. Melissa

    Wow! The parties look amazing and the best part on a budget! Thank you so much for sharing!! I’m about to dive into my daughters bday party planning.

  8. Ebony

    I really like your Ni Hao Kailan party stuff. Do u still have any of those things that u may want to sell? If not, have u ever thought about doing it for someone like me and I pay you for the items and for your time? My daughter’s birthday party is on dec 29th and its a kailan theme. I really like creative ideas for a cheap price. What do u think?

    • stunkard

      Thanks for stopping by my blog. Actually the party items are pretty easy to do. You just print out all the pieces at and assemble. Good luck with the party. I am sure it is be wonderful!

  9. Ebony

    Even the thing that u wrapped around the toilet tissue roll? Are u able to do tutorials? I am not creative unless I see step by step instructions.

    • stunkard

      Ebony, Here are more detailed instructions. Hopefully this will help. The party favors are toilet paper rolls: Using tissue paper, cut a piece that is maybe 4 inches longer than the tube and will completely wrap around the tube. Stuff the tube with candy or other party favors. Center the tube on the tissue paper so that 2 inches or so hang past each end of the tube. Wrap the tube (with candy inside), use double stick tape to secure the tissue paper to the tube. I use double stick tape instead of Scotch tape so that the tape doesn’t show. I then secured the ends of the tissue paper by carefully twisting the ends over the tissue roll and twisted a piece of pipe cleaner (found at craft stores). Using a piece of red streamer to make a “band” around the center, cut it the size to fit around the tube and secured with double stick tape.

      The toilet paper tubes that are hanging from the ceiling: cut a piece of cardstock the same length as the tube and will wrap completely around the tube. Secure with double stick tape. Poke 2 holes in one end of the tube (one on each side) to tie string for hanging. Tie one end of the string to a hole one one side of the tube. Tie the other end of the string to the other hole on the other side of the tube. The length of the string will depend on where and what you are hanging the tube from from. These strings were maybe 8-12 inches long. Then, cut a piece of red streamer to make the “band” around the center and secure with double stick tape. I taped more streamers that are hanging down from the bottom of the tube to the inside of the tube using double stick tape. I cut out flower shapes that I had printed from to tape to the toilet paper rolls but you could use stickers too!

      Everything else was printed from There is also tutorials on their website on how to assemble everything after printing out. The yellow and red lanterns are probably the most difficult to assemble. An Xacto knife would be helpful to cut out. I found after the party that the Dollar Tree (or Dollar Store) had inexpensive Chinese lanterns that I might have used instead. Look around at party stores too for cheap decorations.

      If you need more explanation just shoot me a comment. You can do it!

  10. Ebony

    Thanks a bunch! That was very detailed. I wish I had a color printer than that would really be cheaper

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