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She has built 27 houses…what have you done?

Girls who inspire. Click the link below to read this story. Then ask, “What have I done lately?”

American girl, just 12, builds 27 homes in Haiti.

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an open letter to our elected officials

An open letter to our elected officials,

It is with a heavy heart that I am writing this letter. I had high hopes for you. I had hoped that you would make good on your campaign promises. I believed you when you said you would change this country; make it better, greater, stronger.

You said you could fix the economy with your stimulus package. You promised me a better public school system for my children. You said you could put people back to work if we just trusted you. You said you were going to lead this country. Instead you led us down a path of more spending and less accountability for the actions of big companies.

You asked us, the people, to tighten our belts. You told us we must make sacrifices. You said there will be tough choices in the future. But, I ask, what sacrifices have you made? That’s right. You sacrificed nothing to add to our national debt with a bail out for greedy banks and automotive companies. Where was the bailout for my family when we needed it? Are you the one who had to make the choice between groceries for the week or paying the heat bill? No, you left those choices to us, the taxpayers.

You have broken your promises time and time again. Things must change in this country. For the good of this country, and my family, I must make some tough choices on Tuesday. So it is for those reasons that I must tell you to clean out your offices. Go stand in the unemployment line that you helped create. Meet the people you should have been working for. Look into the faces of the struggling American families you promised to help. Ask them how they like the change in this country; the change in their lives.

You’re fired.

American Registered Voter

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the man does not make the church

There is a saying “the man (pastor) does not make the church”. The pastor is just using God’s church to teach His word until the day comes that God calls the pastor to do work elsewhere.

You know, when a pastor leaves his church there is a sort of mourning that takes place among its parishioners. It’s something like loosing a loved one. (Except without the actual death part.) First, when faced with the news that he is leaving, there is disbelief, shock, even denial. We ask ourselves, “how could he leave when we need him so much?” or, “what will we do without him?” We leave church that day trying to process it all in our head.

As the weeks go by and we sit in church Sunday mornings with the “fill-in” pastors, our shock turns to grief. Not an all-out-crying-in-my-pew-kind-of-grief. But there is grief all the same. Grief that we won’t hear that ‘ol familiar voice on Sunday mornings.

The final sermon comes from that pastor. He has come back one final time to say “good-bye”. You may send him a heart-felt letter of gratitude, thank him in person, or (as our church did) hold a celebratory picnic to bid farewell to your beloved pastor. That is letting go. Letting go so that he may continue God’s work.

Acceptance. The temporary pastor arrives at your church. Accept that he will be your pastor for the next month, two months, or however long it takes to find a permanant pastor.

That day came. Our pastor preached his last sermon last Sunday. He has left for another calling; to minister to other pastors.

I have learned many things from our pastor. Here is my top 5 things I’ve learned  from our Pastor:

  • Laugh at yourself and don’t be afraid to tell a few bad jokes. Which he did every Sunday.
  • No one is perfect.  God accepts you just the way you are.
  • How to apply God’s word in our everyday life.
  • Hold your anger before you destroy relationships with those you love.
  • There is great power in the name Jesus Christ.

Our old pastor announced the name of our temporary pastor this past Sunday.


James Bond.

Actually, he goes by “Jim”. Presumably because he got tired of the 007 references. I don’t think that has stopped anyone though.

So, Sunday there will be embrace. Embrace the change and have faith in the Lord’s plan.

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