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Pass the whine…

You know what is a real let down? Finally getting a date night with hubby, then eating a bad meal. Seriously. We eat out so little that when we finally do get a date night the meal should effing fantastic, but it wasn’t, and that sucks. I know. Boo-hoo.

Okay, enough whining…

This weekend we mustered the energy to check off one of our Christmas traditions…Holiday Lights! Last year we went to Golden, Colorado to check out their river walk lights. The girls were so impressed with the huge pine tree completely wrapped in lights that we had to share it with friends this year.

Golden Lights

Standing under the pine tree wrapped in lights

Golden Light

Under the tree of lights

Each branch is wrapped in strands of lights. I wonder if they leave the lights on all year…hum.


Another tradition…stop at Starbucks to warm up

Golden Light 3

Along the walk

Golden Lights 4

Fence post lining the river wrapped in lights

house lights

Our house with lights

Our home: It may be old and worn. It may have stained carpets and pet hair. It may need a fresh coat of paint on the inside, not to mention new windows. There is not a pretty decorated Pinterest worthy fireplace mantle. Very few people I know would have house-envy upon walking into our house, but it is OUR HOME. It is full of love and happiness. And, that is all I can really ask for.

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Something Smells Funny…

December Daily

December Daily | 2

TRADITIONS | The day after Thanksgiving is not for Black Friday madness in our house. No. The day after Thanksgiving we put up the Christmas tree. This year I assembled our pre-lit tree only to find that one section will not light up. I changed the fuses. No lights. I check about 10 bulbs. No lights. I changed the fuses again. No go.

I finally throw my hands up in frustration and let the girls decorate it anyway…with an unlit ring around the tree. A trip to Target for a 100 pack of multi-colored lights fixed my problem. I just strung the lights in the area with non-working lights. You don’t even notice.

We have another little tradition in our house. We stack our growing Christmas book library under the tree. We read the books throughout the month of December…and we always add a few new books each year.

See that dog at the top of the post? Cute, isn’t he?

Well, he PEED on our Christmas tradition! He peed all over our books and tree skirt!

He’s not so cute anymore is he?

december daily


Okay, maybe he’s a little cute.

>> December Daily brought to you by Ali Edwards. This year, document your family traditions leading up to December 25th.

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December Daily | Eleven, Santa

December Daily

Just dropped of their letters to Santa. I really thought Alex, who is 10-years-old, was going to realize the “Santa deal”. But she still worked on her letter. Parker (6), on the other hand, thinks that Santa will deliver ANYTHING she puts on her list. She realized after we mailed her letter that she left few things off the list and freaked out. Don’t worry, Honey. He knows.

december daily

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December Daily | Ten, Traditions

When you think of your childhood during Christmas time, what comes to mind?

When we were growing up, our mom always filled a glass jar with this mixture: peanuts, M&M’s and raisins. This glass jar always sat on the coffee table for a quick grab treat. I don’t know why but this simple thing sticks in my mind, and speaks December to me. This year I decided to make the mixture and load in recycled frappuccino bottles for a quick gift for neighbors and friends.

december daily

december dailySo, how I did it: Drink and enjoy the Frappaccinos. Then, wash the frappaccino bottles and lids really, really well. You can use Starbucks® Frappaccino bottles but I found the sticker labels are hard to get off cleanly. So, I used Target Archer Farms® Frappaccino bottles. Their labels are more of a shrink-wrap kind. All you have to do is cut the label off the bottle. Easy-peasy.

Spray paint the lids red; don’t spray paint the inside of the lids. Once dry, add a round sticker label to the top of the lid (also bought at Target in the Christmas stationary isle). In a large bowl mix a bag of red and green M&M’s, cocktail peanuts (you could use dry roasted instead) and raisins. I didn’t measure it out, I just eyeballed it. Fill the jars, add ribbon and viola!

Happy snacking!

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december daily | day nine

I remember as a child always having homemade chicken noodles at Thanksgiving and Christmas dinner, but I didn’t realize it was a “family tradition” until Dad had mentioned it on Christmas a few years ago. I guess, as a kid, you sort of just take things for granted and don’t really think much about them. They are things that are always there.  He said it was “his family tradition”…but I think my mom’s family would have something to say about that! I remember my Aunt Marilyn making noodles from scratch. If I close my eyes I can still see the dough rolled out on her kitchen table, where she would cut them into long strips. And, traditionally, they were thick as paste and stuck with you all day long! Just how I love them, too. So, when I asked Dad for “his family recipe” I thought I would be getting the labor intensive version of noodles from scratch. Instead I got the Semi-Homemade version, which he said is a lot easier and nobody knows the difference anyway. Maybe that is his family tradition…semi-homemade. Either way, I agree, it is good!

Semi-Homemade Chicken Noodles (minus the chicken)

  • 18-24 oz. bag of frozen noodles (I like Reames Egg Noodles)
  • 2 cans of cream of chicken soup
  • 1 can cream of celery soup
  • 2 cans of chicken broth
  • 4-5 cubes of chicken boillion
  • approx. 1/4 cup of flour (to thicken)

In a large cooking pot mix all ingredients together (except flour & noodles) and bring to a boil. Add noodles and simmer for 30 minutes to 2 hour. The longer it’s left on the stove, the thicker it will get. Just before serving, mix up a rue and add to pot. (To make a rue, take about 1/2 cup of stock from pot, whisk in 1-2 tablespoons of flour. Mix until smooth, then whisk into cooking pot.) Start with less flour and gradually add more to the thickness you like. This is a good, hearty soup.

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