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Free Day at the Museum

denver skyline

View from the 4th floor.

Free day at the Denver Museum of Nature and Science  |  View of the Denver Skyline on the 4th floor. Why have I never known about this view before now?

denver museum

Girls…take care of your skin!

“Expedition Health is about YOUR human body-how it is constantly changing and adapting in ways you can see, measure, and optimize through the choices you make.”

Hands On  |  At Exhibition Health you can see how you may look in the future if you smoke, drink or don’t use sun block. All I can say is, “Girls take care of your skin!”


What is your mph when walking?

The girls walked in front of a blue screen and the image was captured on a monitor hanging on the wall. It measured their speed while walking, stride length and energy. I thought this was cute to see their pictures on the monitor, little sister following big sister.

denver museum

Little scientist.

In the lab we performed experiments on water fleas. We first tested the affect caffeine had on the heart rate of the water flea, then tested alcohol.


Poor little water flea.

Alexandra was more into it than Parker. But it was still cool. We would have performed more experiments but Parker was bored. There were many to choose from.





denver museum

Lion Pride

I am a little weirded out by the  “stuffed” animals in the displays. It is so real looking that I expect the animals to move…and then they don’t. Creepy.

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Go, See, Do | 2013 Free Days in Denver

Denver Zoo

  • Monday, November 4th
  • Friday, November 15th
  • Wednesday, November 21st

Denver Art Museum

  • Saturday, June 1st
  • Saturday, July 6th
  • Saturday, August 3rd
  • Saturday, September 7th
  • Saturday, October 5th
  • Saturday, November 2nd
  • Saturday, December 7th

Denver Museum of Nature and Science

  • Monday, June 3rd
  • Monday, July 1st
  • Sunday, July 21st
  • Sunday, August 11th
  • Monday, August 19th
  • Sunday, September 8th
  • Sunday, October 6th
  • Monday, December 9th

Denver Botanic Gardens (York Street)

  • Tuesday, July 9th
  • Tuesday, August 27th
  • Monday, October 7th
  • Saturday, November 2nd

Denver Botanic Gardens (Chatfield)

  • Friday, June 7th
  • Friday, August 2nd
  • Friday, November 1st

Denver Children’s Museum

  • Tuesday, June 4th from 4 – 8 PM
  • Tuesday, July 2nd from 4 – 8 PM
  • Tuesday, August 6th from 4 – 8 PM
  • Tuesday, September 3rd from 4 – 8 PM
  • Tuesday, October 1st from 4 – 8 PM
  • Tuesday, November 5th from 4 – 8 PM
  • Tuesday, December 3rd from 4 – 8 PM

Denver Firefighters’ Museum

  • Saturday, August 3rd (Fun at the Firehouse)
  • Saturday, September 7th (Grandparents Free Day)
  • Saturday, October 12th (Fire Safety Week)
  • Saturday, December 7th (Holiday Open House)

Denver Museum of Miniatures, Dolls and Toys

  • Sunday, June 2nd
  • Sunday, July 7th
  • Sunday, August 4th
  • Sunday, September 1st
  • Sunday, October 6th
  • Sunday, November 3rd
  • Sunday, December 1st

National Parks Days (Nation Wide)

Lamar’s Donuts Free Donut Day

In celebration of National Donut Day, LaMar’s Donuts is partnering with the Salvation Army on Friday, June 7, to offer one free donut with a hole to each guest, with no purchase necessary.

Kids Eat Free in Denver

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Goodbye autumn…hello winter?

This month… In front of our house there is a huge ash tree. It provides great shade during the summer. We sit under it on the front porch during rain storms and barely get wet. It turns the most brilliant yellow in the fall, then, when the leaves fall the cal-de-sac kids bring their own rakes to play in the leaves.

the changing of the colors

Today… It snowed in Denver. I don’t know if you know this, but it snows here. That fact seems to surprise the weather-casters every time. They get very excited at the sight of snowflakes; as if they have never saw snow before. I think secretly they are praying for a 2 foot blizzard. That would really make their day. Does that happen where you live?

Or, maybe it’s because nothing very exciting weather-wise happens here. We don’t have hurricanes. Very rarely do we see tornadoes in the Metro area. When it rains heavily, the streets do flood. Forest fires and snow, that’s what Colorado has. The weather-casters predicted 6-12 inches of snow. We got (maybe) 4 inches where we live. It wasn’t even enough for the schools to call a snow day. Okay, I was secretly praying for a snow day.

tire swing in the backyard

Our two inherited dogs are adjusting to their new home. Thor, the black lab, was making snow angles in the backyard this morning. Nothing like the smell of a 85 pound wet dog to wake you up!

Thor in the snow

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Celebrating 16 years

My hubby and I celebrated our 16th wedding anniversary this past weekend. After 16 years it’s sometimes hard to find time for romance. Okay, with 2 kids it’s almost impossible. What says romance better than a great steak? Maybe that is just my husband’s idea of romance…

After asking around, “What is the best steakhouse in Denver?” I got plenty of answers…Elway’s, Shannahan’s, The Fort, Steakhouse 10, but I seriously didn’t want to spend my entire grocery budget on one meal. Although I would LOVE to be able to do that, again, I have 2 growing kids to feed. So, the question should have been, “What is the best, reasonably priced steakhouse in Denver?”

The answer: Denver Chop House.

We took this picture of us at the Chop House with hubby’s new Smart Phone. We gave each other new cell phones for our anniversary. The contemporary gift is technology for 16 years, right?

Read the rest at my travel blog here.

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Tourist in your own town.

It’s been raining in Denver for the past 4 days or so. Even though I love the rain not everyone does. So in typical Colorado weather fashion… it can be raining one day and gorgeous the next. Saturday was one of those gorgeous days. We headed to the Denver Botanical Gardens for fresh air and photography.

Here’s a great idea for summer break…be a tourist in your own town. A day at the Denver Botanical Gardens isn’t cheap (as we found out today), but you can check websites of your favorite Gardens, Zoo, or Aquarium in your town for free days. Be sure to pack your patience on those days, though. You can check out free days here for Denver area attractions.

The Denver Botanical Gardens has changed a lot since the last time we were there (about 5 years ago). There is now a Childrens Garden on the rooftop of the new parking garage. This was so much fun for the kids. Kids can feel free to get dirty digging in the dirt and mud with shovels, get soaked in the creek and play on the “fort”.

At the Childrens Garden

Don’t you just love Parker’s t-shirt? That is her motto.

white flower with bee

The bees were a plenty today! Which is bad for Alex. She thinks the bees are out to get her. I am not afraid to up close and personal to a bee. There was a huge beautiful yellow jacket that I tried my best to take his picture, but he wasn’t having any of it. {sigh.}

Entering the Japanese Garden

The Japanese Garden is my favorite. It’s very zen-like. The Gardens also has an indoor tropical garden that is really cool (I mean hot and humid) that can’t be missed. More photos after the jump…

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colorado home and garden show adventure

The Colorado Home and Garden Show was held in downtown Denver this last week. I willingly chose to take the girls with me. Downtown. I said it would be an adventure. It was an adventure in patience. We parked at Coors Field and rode the shuttle bus to the Convention Center. I have always loved downtown Denver. If I didn’t have kids I would live in one of those trendy loft apartments converted from a warehouse. {sigh.} Anyway, below are lots of inspiration to get your backyard in shape.

we grow giant bears here in colorado

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