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Happy Fourth!

PRAY for our troops, for without whom we would not have the freedoms we so love. PRAY for their families who are celebrating the holiday without them this 4th of July. PRAY for our great country and our leaders who have lost their way. And please PRAY for our family, Glenn’s brother tragically lost his 23 year old step-son on Friday. PRAY that the Lord comforts them in their great time of need.


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What the 4th Means to Me.

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everyday should be valentine’s day

I found this on

Love Everyday is a collection of ideas, thoughts, tips, and the like complied from over 25 of my fellow love and relationship bloggers. There are essays from Dan Miller, Kathleen Quiring, Alissa Bowman, Mandi Ehman, SM Columnist Dustin Riechmann, Stu Gray, and many others.

This Ebook is definitely worth the read. And the best part – it’s free.

Download it here:

I downloaded my copy!

On another note: Glenn’s 49th birthday was on Friday.  He wanted to go bowling with just the adults. So, I got babysitters, reserved a lane at Splitz and invited some friends to come along. I didn’t know it was cosmic bowling night and that they played club music too. I got the feeling we were getting a little too old for this. But the beer was cheap and the company was good. Our friend had the DJ announce that there was a birthday boy on lane #10…”He is 69 today, folks!” Everyone around us said he didn’t look like he was 69! He had a blast. The girls each bought him a t-shirt. One had a picture of the Lucky Charms lephercon on the front from Parker, because Lucky Charms are her favorite cereal marshmellows. And Alex got him a “King Ding Dong” t-shirt with a picture of the Hostess Ding Dong on the front…very appropriate.

Did you see Apolo Ohno win Silver in the short track last night? Very exciting! For a split second it looked like the Koreans were going to sweep the metals, but 2 wiped out and the U.S. took the Silver and Bronze metal.

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