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Giving Thanks Intentionally.

About four years ago we started a November tradition of giving thanks intentionally. To make it more fun for the girls, I try to come up with a different way to display our thankful list.

The first year we made a turkey “stuffed” with blessings. Year two was a thankful tree. Year three was a thanksgiving basket.

This year I was stumped, that is, until I clicked over to a blog I hadn’t read in a long time: A Little Grace and Mercy.

Apparently, her family has the same tradition of giving thanks. So, this is our Gratitude Web. The photos are mine, the idea is all A Little Grace and Mercy.

thanksgiving craft

Displayed on our dining room wall

thanksgiving craft

Lots of gratitude

thanksgiving craft

One of my favorites so far…

thanksgiving craft

Fun fabric bunting I sewed

We will be adding to the thankful web throughout November. It’s a month of gratitude…intentionally.

>>> Scientific research shows that giving thanks for just 3 things a day makes you 25% happier. A month long giving thanks fest brought to you by the Joy Dare. What are you thankful for? Write it down…and get happier.

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daily gratitude | 1.03.11

Spaghetti Tacos night. This comes from one of my girls’ favorite TV show: iCarly on Nick. They eat this all the time on the show. And I couldn’t get my girls to eat spaghetti. They complained, “Spaghetti aggggaaaain?”  So I thought why not make it fun with spaghetti tacos. It worked! The girls love spaghetti now…as long as there are tacos shells on the table too.

Photos that make me laugh. This is a picture of my lil’ sister’s dog…driving. It’s just funny and cute. I don’t think she has a driver’s license though. The dog, not my sister.

Because I am a hockey fan. I love this funny church sign:

I’ve heard it before. I think Jesus is a hockey fan. And a huge Avalanche fan, or course.

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daily gratitude

  1. Christmas music. I usually restrain myself and wait to start listening to Christmas music the week of Thanksgiving, at least. Trans Siberian Orchestra is a favorite. I put in a CD last night while sitting in traffic…instant mood-booster.
  2. Ice skating with my daughter. I am officially a “skate mom”. Alex is now a member of a synchronized skate team. She has her first mini-exhibition (1:30 minutes) on Saturday at the opening of an outdoor skate rink.
  3. Thanksgiving week. Four days of vacation. We plan to ice skate one day, put up the Christmas tree another day, and sleep in!
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