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Top pet costumes for Halloween are…

The top pet costumes for Halloween is…drum roll…

dog costumes

He’s No. 2!

  1. Pumpkin
  2. Devil
  3. Hot dog
  4. Bee
  5. Cat
  6. Witch
  7. Bow tie
  8. Pirate
  9. Dog
  10. Ghost

Source: The Denver post

Have a safe and happy Halloween!

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20 Carved Pumpkins…

carved pumpkins

Some people act surprised when they find out I don’t like to carve pumpkins for Halloween. It surprises me that they think I enjoy it.

Maybe it’s because I was scarred for life by a 4th grade teacher who made his students close our eyes while sticking our hand in a pumpkin full of slimy pumpkin guts….gross. (Or maybe it’s because I stink at it.)

This weekend a dear friend hosted a pumpkin carving party. Imagine how excited I was. My kids were excited.


Love the Red Rider wagon!

We brought 6 pumpkins; hauling them to the friend’s house in the wagon.

Six was ambitious on my part.

After carving two pumpkins myself I can now say I am a pumpkin carving convert.

pumpkin carving


See, it turned out cute! The pumpkin…and the kid!

carving pumkins

One eyed monster.

Parker was a great helper retrieving the slimy guts.

carving pumpkins

She’s a little irritated that I am taking pictures right now.

Alex carved 3 pumpkins but would have carved 6 by herself.

zombie pumpkin

Nom, nom, nom…

A zombie pumpkin….of course.

Between everyone at the party there were 20 carved pumpkins.

cemetery pumpkin

RIP pumpkin

Pretty cool for someone who didn’t think she liked to carve pumpkins.


BTW, December Daily is gearing up to start. If you want to know more about celebrating the magic of the season that is glorious December, check out Ali Edwards’ guided prompts and scrapbooking products. But, honestly, you don’t need to use the products to participate or document the magically season. Just create something.

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Joy: It’s about the little things…

It's the little things, joy

App used to apply text: Rhonna

Halloween decor

Because flowers make me happy…

Fall colors

Our massive tree n the front yard…like 4-stories tall!


Aspen in our backyard…the color is not brilliant when planted in the city, but I love it anyway…

Fall decor

Our front porch…still need more pumpkins…

Welcome mat

Friends always welcome…

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Candy Hangover.

Halloween is over…Bring on the Holidays!

Rocco was a little devil!

Thor was Batman!

Parker was a mixed breed (leopard, tiger, cheetah). She wore the cute black boots she got from Kathleen with this outfit.

Leave it to Alex to bring the gore as a zombie bride.

Alex’s costume is actually a remade Egyptian costume. We ripped the top layer of fabric with a razor blade, then used watercolor paint to “dirty it up”. I covered the Egyptian waste band with the goth embellishments. The weather was perfect in Colorado…two years in a row!

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Halloween fun in photos

Alex and "Princess" Rocco

Parker says, "Surfer girls rock!"

Yes, we live in Colorado, but that hasn’t stopped Parker from asking for surfing lessons! I made the surfboard from foamcore and she decorated with stickers.

My little vampire

Alex aka Frankie Stein (Monster High Doll)

Next: Candy Coma!

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In honor of Halloween…a ghost story.

One of America’s most haunted homes…The Myrtles Plantation in St. Francisville, Louisiana.

Have you heard this ghost story?

The master of The Myrtles, Judge Clarke Woodruff, was having an affair with a slave named Chloe. To make his extra curricular activities more convenient, he moved Chloe up to the house to care for his children. Chloe planned to gain power in the household by eavesdropping on conversations of the Judge and his prominent guests. Her plan backfired when one day the Judge caught her eavesdropping. In front of his friends, Woodruff made an example of Chloe by cutting off her left ear. Chloe was then banished from the house and forced to work harsh labor on the plantation.

Chloe’s fate continued HERE.

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