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Like putting lipstick on a pig…

I am kind of addicted to the show Rehab Addict on DIY Network. Host Nicole Curtis uses this term, “like putting lipstick on a pig…” a lot when describing something that is ugly (or a pig) that she is dressing up; but it’s still ugly.

And that is exactly what my laundry room redo is...a pig with lipstick!

**** BEFORE ****

Your typical unfinished basement laundry room (there is a window behind those hanging clothes)


Makes one ask, “What the…?”

Total count: over 12 gallons of house paint plus misc. quarts of paint and thinners, strippers, & caulk

Our City will pick up hazardous household materials once a year for free. All you have to do is go to to check if your city is on the list. Call the phone number, take an inventory of items & they will schedule a pick up date. Easy-peasy.

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colorado home and garden show adventure

The Colorado Home and Garden Show was held in downtown Denver this last week. I willingly chose to take the girls with me. Downtown. I said it would be an adventure. It was an adventure in patience. We parked at Coors Field and rode the shuttle bus to the Convention Center. I have always loved downtown Denver. If I didn’t have kids I would live in one of those trendy loft apartments converted from a warehouse. {sigh.} Anyway, below are lots of inspiration to get your backyard in shape.

we grow giant bears here in colorado

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