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Craft Tuesday

Stepping Stones:

stepping stones

stepping stones

stepping stones

stepping stones

Bubble Art: (Bubbles, food coloring, a straw and watercolor paper)

bubble art

bubble art

bubble art

bubble art

Now, go create something. And, when you’re done…create something else.

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Craft: 4th of July felt pinwheels

felt pinwheels

Another dang Pinterest project!

Inspiration for these pinwheels at Lia Griffith. Enjoy!

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Project Life | April

Apple stamp

Be sure to paint the correct side of the apple…

stamping with apples

Use any color paint you like…and we like purple!

Brainbuster Problem: Guess how many seeds are in an apple. Check your guess with a real apple. Use the apple to make paint stamp paper.

It’s pretty sad that when I asked Parker if she knew how to stamp the apple onto paper, she said, “Yes.” Then, preceded to paint the outside of the apple. Obviously, I never did fruit stamping with my kids! Bad mommy.

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Instant fireplace for the holidays

It’s a little tradition with the kids. Since we don’t have an actual fireplace, we create a paper fireplace and decorate it. Usually we draw the complete scene out on butcher block paper, but this year we got a little more creative.

christmas craftsWe used twelve 12×12 sheets of brick printed scrapbooking paper found at Hobby Lobby (3 sheets across x 4 sheets down). Then, created the mantle and hearth from black construction paper. Used more construction paper to created the logs and flames.

paper fireplace

Yes, I have waaaay too much time on my hands! (I need a job.) It’s a little taller than Parker. Alex complained that it’s not our “tradition”. I say traditions are over-rated. She added the tree on the mantle ’cause I left that part out, apparently.

Use construction paper to make the stockings and ornaments and foam stickers and cotton balls to decorate. Viola! Instant fireplace for the holidays.

Keep the kids busy for a good 2 hours! Sweet.

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Snowy weekend

As I write this on a snowy Saturday afternoon I feel more like crawling under the bed covers.

Last night we picked up our ’72 Charger up from restoration. It’s been in the shop since May to have it completely redone. I will post more on that next week. Glenn was like a little kid on Christmas morning when he got behind the wheel of his finished car. Men are funny that way.

We enjoyed corn and cheese chowder from The Pioneer Woman. It was soooo good. But, it is not low fat.

Glenn and his mother drove out to the Ranch in Deer Trail to visit his aunt and uncle. Both have been fighting cancer. Please pray for their strength.

We wouldn’t have even left the house with it snowing if it wasn’t for Parker’s gymnastics lessons. We would have been happy to stay home in our pjs and having a craft day.

This is what my table looked like all-day-long. It’s been soooo long since we had a craft day.

…And the living room floor. Christmas crafts already? Yep! And we watched Miracle on 34th Street. The one with the cute Mara Wilson.

We had to make a quick stop at Target. The girls begged for these animal hats. They have a scarf attached that are also mittens. Too cute!

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Passing the days

Marble painting

Finished artwork

We got 3 new mice this weekend. The girls made this lame attempt to say it was my “mother’s day gift” but really they wanted the mice. They did allow me to pick one out for myself but I foot the bill! Mother’s Day…bah humbug! I hope you were one of the lucky mothers out there that had a special day. For me it was just an ordinary day.

The white mouse, “Snowflake”. There is also a tan mouse named “Coco” and a black/white mouse still unnamed.

Rocco is not liking these new additions to our family.

Oh, and I think we found a new church home (finally). Hubby gave his seal of approval this Sunday. You would be amazed at how hard it is to find a church that has the “right vibe” for you and your family. (You can read the back story of our journey here if you’re bored…)

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