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Thank you, Mom.

Thank you for all the sacrifices you made as a single mother raising two daughters.

Thank you for the wonderful memories of Christmas. And the Easter baskets that were always stuffed with chocolate.

Thank you for raising us up in faith, even if we left it for a while.

Thank you for putting up with my mood swings growing up. Now that I am the one dealing with mood swings from my own daughter…you were a saint! Please tell me your secret.

Thank you for the “country memories”.

Thank you for letting me move to Denver and spread my wings, even though I am sure it hurt to watch me go.

Speaking of Denver, thank you for the credit card. Without it I would have been living in my Ford Escort with Elizabeth!

Thank you for never giving me unsolicited advice.

Thank you for nursing me back to health that time you came to visit in Denver, it ruined your vacation, I know.

Thank you for accepting Glenn as your favorite son-in-law.

Thank you for all the emails.

Thank you for showing me how to “give until it hurts”. You never turned someone away who needed a roof over their head.

Thank you for being my mom.

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dear mom,

Dear Mom,

People have said you have “earned your wings” when you get to heaven. It’s because of your kind and giving heart. You would never let anyone be left out in the cold without a home. I can’t even remember how many people you have opened your home to because they had no home of their own, including Ron’s 5 grandchildren and their mother when they lost their home. You have done this all while home-nursing Ron with ALS and still holding down a fill-time job. Now, these 5 kids have become your own grandchildren. When Ron was diagnosed with ALS you never questioned whether or not to take care of him. You asked, “How can I not?” I know you had dreams of your own and how your life would be with him; growing old together and watching the grandchildren running and playing. None of this is to be. You never imagined your life would be this difficult but, yet, you have withstood it all and continued on. Your faith in God has kept you going. Remember: He does not give us more than we can handle. You always put others before yourself. Your faith is an inspiration to me and other who have know you. I know there is a reason why you are here on this earth and you don’t need to wait until you get to heaven to wear your wings…you already have them. You are a guardian angel to so many people that your wings will be well worn! Every life you touch is richer for it.

I wrote this to my mom in 2005. Five years later it is still true. She is still caring for Ron (who needs 24/7 care because of ALS) and his grandchildren. She does it because she says it would be wrong not too. I was once asked in a job interview who I admire the most. I said, “My mother”. I think the interviewer was expecting me to say “Oprah” or some other celebrity. But it is true. People who give everything to others, especially those who get nothing or hate in return, are the people who inspire me. Happy Mother’s Day!

Love, your daughter

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