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scrapbook layout idea/free music download

Nourish for the Soul. Free Christian Music Download: Starry Night by Chris August at

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free christian music download

Nourish your soul:

Free from K-Love fm: “Christ is Risen” by Matt Maher. {here.}

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snow day

Tomorrow is a snow day. In fact, today, our lovely Public School District called a snow day for Tuesday. How much snow did we get, you ask? That’s the funny part…about 1 inch. Are we jumping the gun just a little School Board?

Okay, the temp is somewhere about -3 degrees with -33 wind chill, but it’s not like the kids are having class outside. An Arctic Cold Front. This decision by the school district has pretty much every parent shaking their head today. But I hear on the local news tonight that it has something to do with the below freezing temps. School buses won’t start when it is this cold and the ice on the roads will be bad. I was planning to take a half day tomorrow because Alex has an exhibition skate with her synchro team. But instead of a half day I have chosen to skip the morning-commute-of -frozen-traffic-hell and stay home all day with the girls.

So that we don’t get cabin fever I have a to-do list:

  • I think I will get up and bake cinnamon rolls. That would be a nice snow day treat…but not home-made, just frozen.
  • Bake 2 loaves of Soda Bread for Alex’s Brownie Thinking Day on Saturday. I figure I can freeze it and defrost before Saturday. This will save me from having to bake on Thursday, my actual day off.
  • Run lines with Alex for her skit on Saturday. The Brownie Troop picked Ireland for Thinking Day and must perform a skit in front of 9-10 other Brownie Troops…and share the Soda Bread and Cabbage with Bacon with them.
  • We could work on Valentines boxes…If I have the supplies.
  • Visit/play with the neighbors that are also home from school/work.
  • Alex can do more of her spelling homework.
  • We I should try to get in a nap. A nap sounds good.
  • I want to touch up my kitchen cabinets with fresh paint. I washed the cabinets down on Saturday, inside and out, to prepare to paint.
  • Finally, Alex’s exhibition is at 8:30 p.m. We have to be there at 6:30 for practice and warm-up. This is going to make for a long day! The life of a figure skater…

FREE MUSIC DOWNLOAD: at Get Something Glorious by Reviv. Nourish your soul. Sing out loud.

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free song download at k-love

When most people have forgotten or given up on their New Year’s Resolution already this idea comes from Faith Barista: Take your One Little Word for 2011 and find it in the Bible. Find encouraging word in the word. Mediate on your word. Share your word. Display your word where you see it everyday. My word: Nourish.

Proverbs 10:21 NIV

The lips of the righteous nourish many, but fools die for lack of judgment.

FREE SONG DOWNLOAD: Here’s another great thing. Free Song Download from Lincoln Brewster at K-Love. It’s his new song “Reaching for You”. Get it before the month is over. Seriously, Lincoln Brewster is nourishment for the soul!

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