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Colorado Gold


Colorado Gold

This weekend: Guanella Pass for aspen spotting. It’s a fall must-do if you live in Colorado (in my humble opinion).


Aspen Forest

Pure Joy: Walking through this aspen forest I made a wrong step and twisted my ankle. Don’t worry because I made a quick recovery with a Jason Bourne-style shoulder roll to the ground. It wasn’t graceful but at least I saved myself a trip to the ER with a broken ankle.

Guanell Pass aspens

Aspens at Guanella Pass

clear lake

Clear Lake

Throwing rocks in Clear Lake.

Mountain Flowers

Yellow Mountain Flower

Mountain Flowers: A little mountain flower.

guanella pass

At Clear Lake


Watch your step! Trust me.

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Now this is what I call a snow storm!

Finally…a real snow storm. My unofficial snow measuring system of a rusty tape measure on the backyard patio table shows 13″. And, no school closures. What?

If you remember last week the schools closed before snow started to fly, we ended up with 6.5″…and school was closed. What gives JeffCo? I had 2 very disappointed kids (and mommy) this morning!


Robin in snow.

My neighbor has this flowering crabapple tree. The Robins were having so much fun all day picking up the crabapple buds. Hopefully the tree will still bloom this spring after the snow melts. Maybe they were playing in the snow a little too.

robin in snow

Robin in the snow II.

I had to grab my telephoto lens and umbrella to get a few shots. This Robin had no problem letting me get close to take these pictures.


Follow the leader.

I was simultaneously balancing a pink umbrella on my head so my camera didn’t get wet, kneeling with my knee in a snowy puddle, and trying to hold the camera steady, when I hear a “slosh-slosh-slosh” sound coming up behind me. It was my 6-year-old, Parker, sloshing through the snow…scaring away the Robins.


Robin picking up flower buds.

black lab

Thor loves snow days!

Prints, greeting cards, and postcards are available in My Redbubble Shop, including the Robins above.


james scrivner

James Scrivner

My grandpa passed away in Missouri on Saturday. Strangely, this reminds me of certain things in life I don’t pay attention too.

  1. How much gas cost in Colorado. I need gas, so it doesn’t matter to me how much it cost.
  2. How many miles to a gallon my car gets traveling from Colorado to Missouri. I got there in one piece, that is all that matters to me.

But, those are the two questions Grandpa always asked me when I was in Missouri for a visit. And, you know, I always made sure I had the answer for him, because I knew he would ask. Rest in peace, Grandpa.

Oh, yeah, unleaded gas is $3.47 a gallon and I get 23 mpg in my mini van…

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Winter photography at the lake

frozen lake

cat tails

nautre photography




I skipped the gym Friday morning to walk around a nearby lake. Who says you shouldn’t shoot into the sun? It’s been in the high 50s this week in Denver. We just might get some much needed snow this weekend. Cross your fingers.

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Capture Simple Beauty.

lily macro

Amaryllis in bloom


Texture at Sunset

birds nest

Bird’s nest

christmas cookies

I discovered these photos still on my camera: Cookies for Santa

parker sleeping

Parker taking a nap after coming home from school early


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Timing is everything.


“Anyone who’s ever missed their shot by a fraction of second understands why timing is so crucial in photography. Today, the Colorado Department of Transportation closed the Mount Evans road, Highway 5, and will not reopen it until spring.”

leaf macro

That was the email I received on Thursday. I was scheduled to be on Mt. Goliath (near Mt. Evans) in a photography workshop. But the workshop was moved to Denver Botanic Gardens. It’s not all bad. Look on the bright side: At least I wouldn’t have to drive 2 hours into the mountains then hike at 11,000 feet elevation.

Okay, I am disappointed. But…Timing is everything.


The workshop, taught by Scott Dressel-Martin, was 5 hours of useful technical tips and creative tricks. Scott is the official Denver Botanic Gardens photographer, so you know he has  insight into shooting at this location.


The night before the workshop the Gardens hosted guest speaker and nature photographer Cedric Pollet. Pollet spent years (like 10 years) traveling the world photographing bark.

Yes, bark.


He was out in the Gardens photographing bark when he was invited to join our workshop for a Q & A session. Oh, he did more than that…he went walking in the Gardens with us, pointing out fascinating bark, showing off his technique and generally speaking in broken English with a French accent.  (I am not complaining about the French accent!)

Timing is everything.

If it had not snowed on Mt. Evans, we wouldn’t have relocated to the Gardens, and we wouldn’t have had the pleasure of meeting this talented nature photographer. It was a rare treat. Even more inspirational is the fact that he is a self-taught photographer. No formal school training here. He has learned it by trial and error.

Remember I asked a while back if I could make a living at photographing bugs? Well, if Pollet can make a living at photographing bark….there is hope for me yet!

Of course, Pollet wasn’t the only talent in our mist. Scott was an awesome speaker and teacher choked full of valuable information. And he could talk for days about photography if we let him. I like the light coming through the inside of the flower. It looks like it is glowing; but I really need to stop being so lazy and use a tripod!


The one draw back of the workshop was there wasn’t as much shooting time as I had hoped for. So, Monday is a free day at the Gardens. I plan to go back and hone my skills using some of the tricks Scott has taught me.

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Photography Assignment: 50mm

I have been busy reading books that will advance my photography. It is a passion that has followed me throughout my life, but admittedly, I have become lazy in my technique. So, advancing my technique is my goal. I would love to make money in photography somehow, particularly in macro. Can I make money taking macro photos of bugs?

Enter Digital Photography School. It’s an awesome and informative website for photographers wanting it advance their skills. Every week they post a new photography assignment. This week it was 50mm focal point. I found this assignment a huge challenge. Since I had to fight the urge to use my macro setting on my camera! Setting my lens at 50mm forced me to get close and not rely on the macro setting. But, overall I think I may have gotten at least a B+?

bug and flower

seed pod

flower close up

sedd pod

nature photography

Capture Simple Beauty.

I got in my morning walk too. All these photos were taken at the Butterfly Pavilion’s nature trail in Westminster, CO. It’s really peaceful walking there. There was no one else on the trail. I was alone to explore. Thinking. Create.

All the photos from this assignment are on my 50mm assignment photostream.

Technical Stuff: f/8, ISO-100, 50mm focal point, using Sony A290

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