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1,000 Gifts

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My expired driver’s license.

I went to the bank to cash a check today. The teller says she can’t cash the check because my driver’s license has expired. What? This is news to me! My first thought was, (right after “why didn’t I get a reminder in the mail?”) “Ugh! I don’t want to put this on my to-do list today!”

Then I remembered the trick I learned from the book The Chocolate Diaries– replace the I HAVE TO on your to-do list with I GET TO and the task won’t seem as daunting.

And it really worked.

And then I remembered something else: a story I read in the newspaper this week. A woman was jailed for several days in Saudi Arabia for driving. Never mind that she didn’t have a license. Women aren’t allowed to drive at all! That was why she did it. In protest. It’s part of their control-thy-woman-culture. Keep women dependent on men and they are less likely to do something crazy, like say, DRIVE A CAR. But that is a whole other post that I will save for a later date.

So, today I am thankful that I got to get my driver’s license renewed. I am once again reminded why living in the United States of America is a blessing and how I complain about things sometimes when I shouldn’t. That is the point of this list…to remind me of the things (small and big) that I take for granted.

And, today I am thankful to that waiting in line at the DMV was only mildly painful.

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one thousand gifts

Surf around the blog world and it won’t take you long to see that just about everyone is writing about the book “One Thousand Gifts” by Ann Voskamp. I really want to read this book but, I have 2 books on my nightstand that I am still trying to get through (it’s been a challenge). I feel I need to try to finish those books before reading this one. I hate when I have high hopes of a book and then I get half way through and have no desire to finish it. {sigh} Not to mention I have recommitted myself in to finishing the Bible workbook on Proverbs. There just isn’t enough time in the day for all I want to read!

As if that isn’t enough, I have joined “blog for books” (I will tell you more about that later). Basically, I get free books and all I have to do is write an honest review. I can do that. Besides, who doesn’t like free books? My first book is on its way to me…so first that book, then maybe this book.

Until then, I found a free excerpt download from Scribd. After reading the first chapter I am putting this book at the top of my must read list today! Have you or are you reading the book? What do you think about it?

Just from reading the first chapter I am hooked. The message? Life is a gift from God. Although you may not “see” the gifts, they are there. You may not understand the reasons for events (even tragic events) that happen in your life, they are not for you to understand.

I haven’t been this excited about reading a book in a long time. Can’t wait to delve into it.

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