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20 Carved Pumpkins…

carved pumpkins

Some people act surprised when they find out I don’t like to carve pumpkins for Halloween. It surprises me that they think I enjoy it.

Maybe it’s because I was scarred for life by a 4th grade teacher who made his students close our eyes while sticking our hand in a pumpkin full of slimy pumpkin guts….gross. (Or maybe it’s because I stink at it.)

This weekend a dear friend hosted a pumpkin carving party. Imagine how excited I was. My kids were excited.


Love the Red Rider wagon!

We brought 6 pumpkins; hauling them to the friend’s house in the wagon.

Six was ambitious on my part.

After carving two pumpkins myself I can now say I am a pumpkin carving convert.

pumpkin carving


See, it turned out cute! The pumpkin…and the kid!

carving pumkins

One eyed monster.

Parker was a great helper retrieving the slimy guts.

carving pumpkins

She’s a little irritated that I am taking pictures right now.

Alex carved 3 pumpkins but would have carved 6 by herself.

zombie pumpkin

Nom, nom, nom…

A zombie pumpkin….of course.

Between everyone at the party there were 20 carved pumpkins.

cemetery pumpkin

RIP pumpkin

Pretty cool for someone who didn’t think she liked to carve pumpkins.


BTW, December Daily is gearing up to start. If you want to know more about celebrating the magic of the season that is glorious December, check out Ali Edwards’ guided prompts and scrapbooking products. But, honestly, you don’t need to use the products to participate or document the magically season. Just create something.

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an annoyingly perfect day at the pumpkin patch

Before I had kids, I never stepped foot into a pumpkin patch. Two kids later, a day at the pumpkin patch is a time-honored tradition, or at the very least guaranteed to be annoying. Whoever thought up the idea of foregoing actual farming to plant a huge pumpkin patch, then charge people to enter, is a genius! Charge $32 for three for the privilege of picking-your-own-pumpkin (pumpkins cost extra) is way more profitable than growing food to feed humans. Oh, they plant corn, but they cut out an intricate corn maze or haunted corn maze ($20/person). Seriously genius.

Yesterday, after a week of cooler weather, it was a cloudless, sunny sky, 80 degree day in Colorado. Which means it was hot. Which makes a trip to the pumpkin patch even more annoying. Can you say, “Oh, yes I’ll gladly pay $10 in bottled water for sweaty, cranky kids”? Anderson Farms in Erie, CO boasts 2 corn mazes, plus a terror of corn maze*; wagon ride out to the pumpkin patch; hay maze for the little kids; live farm animals including goats, chickens, llamas & rabbits; gourd launching; face painting*; food*; and a variety of other amusements* for your little kiddos.

We did ride out to the pumpkin patch to pick the perfect pumpkin. Anderson Farms (unlike other pumpkin patches we have been to) plant all kinds of pumpkins…not just the ordinary orange variety, but the “Cinderella” white pumpkins, red pumpkins, gray pumpkins, green pumpkins and even “deformed” pumpkins. Most farms take these pumpkins out of the field then charge extra for them. Not here, and we got 2 perfect white and a good-sized orange pumpkin (for $16).

All in all, it was annoying with the crowds, hot weather, being nickel & dimed for everything. But it was also perfect. I spent the day with my kids, doing what they wanted to do, and I only complained once (okay, maybe twice). And the ride home was SO QUIET. The kids were so exhausted…that was worth the cost of the day.

Our pumpkins above: a true “Cinderella” pumpkin with Mrs. Potato Head Princess dress up kit; a painted orange pumpkin with spiders and googly eyes; a white pumpkin painted with a hairy spider, web and googly eyes.
*Extra charges apply, of course.
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