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Is it too eary to post Christmas photos?

It it too early to start thinking about Christmas? Before the Halloween candy is handed out? It’s not like I am putting Christmas lights up on the house…but I have started quilting/sewing decorations and gifts for Christmas.

quilted christmas stockingsThis week I finished making each of us quilted Christmas stockings. Using fabric leftover from my Christmas quilt, I mixed in some new fabrics to make these sweet stockings. I used the instructions/pattern from Amanda Murphy’s book Modern Holiday.

But, since  I can’t follow written directions, I had to jazz the stockings up with my own creativeness.

quilted christmas stockings

It’s starting to look like Christmas…

Although the quilt patterns in the book are lovely, I used the same quilting pattern/technique that I used for my Christmas quilt, and I added an embroidered applique (from Hobby Lobby) to the cuff.

modern holiday stockings


Even though I did my own thing with the quilting design, I followed the instruction in Amanda’s book. I love, love this book! There are so many cute things to quilt for the holidays…and gifts! Friends & family…Don’t be surprised if you get something I have sewed this year. I have big plans.


Okay, since Halloween is next week…here’s a sneak peek to the girls’ costumes. Today was the Halloween parties at school. A week early, I know. Weird.

super girl costume

She is my super girl…

If you know her, you know she isn’t really being Super Girl for Halloween. She is going as Ghost Face (from the movie Scream). But, that is against the school dress code. So today she is SUPER GIRL!

We found that cute shirt, with the pink cape attached, at Walmart. Can you believe it?

lady bug costume

Aaaahhh, so cute!

She’s not a lady bug…she’s my love bug! Adorable, I know. Love the red and white striped tights she picked out!

Have a wonderful and blessed weekend!

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Show and Tell: First Quilt

It’s finally finished!

My first quilt.

6 long weeks.

Many frustrations.

Not the prettiest stitching on the quilting.

Lots of learning from mistakes.

A Christmas quilt that will be loved no matter the mistakes.

Christmas quilt

Quilt front

Christmas quilt design

Quilt back

Christmas quilt


Just don’t look too closely…that is why there is no close up photos!

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A wet September

When your state makes the National News for weather…it’s never a good thing.


Hwy 287 and Dillon Road, Lafayette, CO (Source)

Yesterday: It’s a day off from work because my commute was flooded. We got over 6″ of rain over night. Doesn’t sound like a lot? That 6″ of rain translates into 60″ of snow.


Wednesday: Alexandra competed in her first cross-country meet. One and a half miles in the rain.



The final push coming into the race finish.

Good thing she loves to run in the rain.


Halloween Mask

Owl mask and fun Halloween hat.

Last Week: Parker and I tried on Halloween masks and hats at Michael’s. All under $10 on sale!

Christmas quilt

Christmas quilt progress.

The Christmas quilt is about 2 weeks away from being finished! I found this Viking 400 on Craigslist last week and have already tried making a doggie coat for Rocco. Sadly, it was a fail. This just confirms that I need to stick to quilting.

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Life This Week

project lifeLife this week (above): My mother-in-law & sister-in-law are on an Alaskan cruise. They saw that moose…so cool.  | I am back to work at my “old” job. Those guys have a serious addiction to their afternoon Starbucks fix. This could be dangerous.  |  We have made it through the first two weeks of school (and packing lunches)…and only four melt-down-drama-queen moments. I am calling that a success!  |  I have this old gas can in the backyard garden. It might be worth some money if it wasn’t so rusted.

Quilt Progress. All 9 blocks are finished. I can’t wait for next week to work on it because I want to start on another project. That must be a sign of an obsession.

quilt blocks

Christmas blocks finished

It’s National Bacon Day. Who knew?

Bacon Day

Who doesn’t love bacon?

Redbubble has an awesome deal in honor of that yummy, crispy pig. Check it out here and pick up some fabulous t-shirts, or whatever, like something in my shop.

Have a great Labor Day weekend!

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My New Obsession: Quilting

When I was a teenager I dreamed of moving to NYC and becoming a fashion designer. There was only one small problem, besides my Mom forbid me from moving to NYC, I couldn’t sew.

Anyone who has watched the Project Runway knows you have to be able to sew! I took home economics my Junior year and sewed a camp shirt that turned out slightly crooked. It wasn’t my thing and I said, “Auf Wiedersehen” to fashion.

I tried my hand at sewing again this summer with the girls. I made a skirt. Even though Sherri (our sewing instructor) swore to me that the bottom was straight, Alexandra swears it is a little bit crooked. Maybe I could start a fashion trend of crooked garments? Still, not my “thing”.

But Sherri got me thinking about quilting. You’re mostly sewing straight lines. I can sew a straight line. There is no elastic, zippers, or hems. Quilts don’t have to be straight, do they?

First quilt

Fabric Love

I took a trip to an amazing quilt store to purchase my first quilt fabric. It’s going to be a Christmas lap quilt. Sherri swears it will be easy…and straight. But I’ve heard that before.

Wednesday is the girls’ last sewing class of the summer. I made this wreath for Sherri to hang in her sewing room:

fabric rosette wreath

Rosette Wreath

fabric rosette wreath

Rosettes and pins

Inspiration for the wreath here and instructions for the fabric rosettes here.

Heroic black Lab outswims man to save drowning border collie…just a feel good dog story to warm your heart.

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