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tell it like it is

“Other people are responsible for how they treat you, you are responsible for putting up with it, or stopping it.” -Mel

If you are in need of some serious tough love, then go here. Mel will tell it like it is. Love her.

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great faith quote

I read this quote in Whole Living Magazine.
I almost bought the magazine just because of it…


When I was a teenager I dreamed of going to Paris. (Yes, I know the picture is of Montreal…in Canada, not France.) I even had a poster of the Eiffel Tower hung on my wall next to my Duran Duran poster. Even though I failed, yes failed, French in High School I am still fascinated by things French. I figure I have a better chance of making it to Canada than I do France. Alex and I are taking about going to Paris when she turns 16…girls can dream.

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quote of the day



Words to live by.

Because you don’t know what that person is going through in her life that she won’t let you back-out of your parking spot in a crowded school parking lot, even though you have your backup lights on and you’re inching your way out of the parking spot, she just refuses to let you out, even blocking you in the spot for some time because she can’t be bothered to let you out, because she may have to wait 20 seconds longer to get out of the parking lot, and heaven forbid she let you in front of her and you exit the parking lot before she does.

I am just saying.

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quote of the day

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