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Forget Resolutions, Choose One Word

The beginning of a new year is traditionally a time of reflecting and setting personal or professional resolutions Or goals.

DID YOU KNOW | One-third of those who make a “resolution” for the new year dump it within 2 weeks, and 50% of the rest say “forget about it” within 2 months.

Anyone who has ever failed at a diet made on January 1st knows resolutions are hard to keep. There has to be something better, right? Something to hold your focus for 365 days.

I have followed Ali Edward’s method for One Little Word for the past 5 years. However, this year I found this awesome website called One Word 365. This is a social site, that is quickly becoming a movement. At One Word 365 you can get word ideas, share your word with others, and find your tribe to help keep you focused for the next 365 days. Pretty cool.

THE CONCEPT | Live purposely. Live your life; who you want to be, what you want to do, what you want to focus on. You can choose any word, so long as it is a word that means something to you.

Choosing just one word allows you to focus year around on your goal. I would suggest displaying that word around the house so that it is always in front of you.

steve jobs quote


Let’s face it, life gets busy. We “forget” what our goal/word is for the year. It gets shoved to the bottom of the to-do list. If your word is ever present, in front of you, you are more likely to “remember” and not lose your focus.

This could come in the form of a framed quote centered around your word. It could be a hand-stamped word necklace you wear. It could be in the form of home decor sitting on a shelf, or hanging on your wall. Put you word written on sticky notes. Tattoo your word on your forearm. Whatever works for you; I won’t judge.

Some of my One Words that I have chosen in the past:

2009: Be, as in “just be in the moment.”

2010: Faith

2011: Nourish

2012: Explore

2013: Joy

Most years my One Word has “spoke” to me. This year, not so much.

I have chosen to expand this little blog of mine. It’s something I have been wanting and working towards for a few years now. There is a lot to take care of when moving a website. I started blogging to satisfy the voices in my head; the voices that could not speak, but could write. More about my voices later…

It takes a leap of faith that all the writing I have been doing for the past 6 years will pay off. Or, leap off a cliff…

So, after much pondering, my word for 2014 is focused around that goal. Some words that were contenders: Forward, Refocus and {One} Step. But, one word was a clear winner.

My word for 2014: LEAP.

leap quote


In the coming weeks I will share this LEAP of expanding this blog. It’s going to be joy-fear kind of thing. You know, when you feel the joy of realizing a goal and the fear of failure collide? That’s joy-fear.

What is your One Little Word for 2014?

***** Add some inspiration to your home decor in 2014. Prints of these, and other, inspirational quotes are available in THE SHOP.

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A Mother’s Day Challenge…

Mother’s Day is a wonderful thing. Although I never get what I ask for…one day of the girls not fighting; it’s still pretty sweet. I am blessed. The day I became a mother (for the fist and second time), I was fortunate to have excellent health care, during my pregnancy, and then at childbirth.

Oh, I had it good! Attentive nurses. Caring doctors. Clean sheets on the bed. A private room. Three meals a day. Two days stay in the hospital to rest. An epidural.

Because we are so blessed, we forget, or not know, that women around the world aren’t so fortunate when it comes to childbirth. We like to think that all women are treated with the same level of care and dignity we experience in the United States.

In Haiti, the Western Hemisphere’s poorest country, women have a very different experience when it comes to childbirth.

In Haiti, where maternal mortality takes the number one spot in the Western Hemisphere, millions of women are too poor to have access to basic maternity health care. They are too often left to go it alone. (Do you remember how scared and anxious you where when in labor?) And, those who can afford health care, well, the birthing conditions are unimaginable by American standards.

Haiti Birth

Source: Rage Against the Mini Van

Pictured above is a Port-Au-Prince hospital birthing room. Remember, these are the mothers who are fortunate enough to afford health care!


One out of 93 Haitian women die during childbirth.

73% deliver without trained health workers.

In the United States that ratio is 1 in 2,000 women die during childbirth. Less than 5% give birth without trained health workers. (Source: Heartline Ministries)

And, that doesn’t even go to say how many babies die after birth in these hospital buckets. If they don’t break their neck from the fall, they drown in bodily fluid collected in the buckets, or they are born premature and the family can’t afford prenatal care.

When did it become okay to treat women, mothers in this manner? It breaks my heart that women around the world are treated no better than an animal. They are herded into unsafe and unsanitary hospitals like cattle. Money is not available for but one doctor and a few midwives in attendance to care for a whole room of laboring women. Family members are not allowed in the birthing rooms for support, or even to help care for their loved one. They are alone. Need a Cesarian section? If you don’t have the money to pay for a better hospital then mom and baby most likely die.

mother teresa quote

Here’s my Mother’s Day challenge to you:

In honor of Mother’s Day help Mothers in need so that they may one day joyously celebrate their pregnancy and birth.

Will you join me?

May I suggest giving to one of these organizations below who are inspiring change for Haitian mothers and babies.

One small thing can make a big change in a mother and child’s life.



Sources: Catherine Porter/The Toronto Star, Rage Against the Minivan, Livesay Family Blog, UNICEF

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Be kind…

Always be kind

New design in the Redbubble Shop

Yesterday in church we prayed over members of our congregation. Members volunteered to step up on the stage and put it all out there confessing their worries, struggles, or illnesses.

One by one they asked for prayers for their broken marriage, brain tumor, mental illness, surgery, family loss, single-mommy-ness, depression. These are people, just like you and me, who have heavy hearts, heavy lives…heaviness.

If there is anything that can snap you out of your self-pity it’s hearing the hard walk others are taking everyday.

But, as I pointed out to hubby, we all have heaviness in our life. Just because you’re not carrying the same weight on your shoulders as the next person, it doesn’t mean it’s not a battle to you. Your heaviness is…well, heavy to you.

So, be kind, because you don’t know the battle the mom sitting next to you is battling. She may look like she has it all together. She may even look like she has a ‘perfect’ life. But, to quote Dr. Phil, “you don’t know what you don’t know.”

And, if you do know someone who is fighting a hard battle tell them that you know. Lend them a hand to get over that hill.

This weekend…

school fundraisers

Selling chocolate bars for $1

It’s 5th grade fundraiser time for next year’s outdoor lab. The World’s Finest Chocolate bars for $1. If you know us and want some chocolate…let me know. Alex has 60 bars to sell, or I will have to buy the chocolate that doesn’t sell. Help me!

james bond car

James Bond’s Car

This weekend the school had a huge fundraiser during the kick off of their book sale. There was also a car show, which Glenn took his Charger to show off. But, more importantly, there was a black Aston Martin. I am not so much a James Bond fan as I am a Daniel Craig fan. You know what I mean? If money was no object? I would buy this car.

school fundraisers

Also, there was a chili fundraiser

They called it a chili cook-off to raise money. I have participated in a few chili cook-offs…this was more of a buy-a-bowl-for-a-dollar-and-get-some-chili than a true cook-off. We didn’t even get to vote. Parker ate 2 bowls of chili and a ton of chips. It was a cheap lunch for 4, only $7. I really shouldn’t complain. Years ago I (with Liz and Kari) made a Pumpkin Curry Chili for a cook-off that would have killed the competition! Am I right, Liz?

at the park

At the park

lobster tacos

Lobster Tacos

Date night with hubby at Red Lobster. The Lobster Tacos were so yummy! And, not once did I say, “Stop fighting with your sister and eat your dinner!”

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When something bad happens…

When something bad happens

For Shelby. We  love you girl! No matter what.


Purchase print and cards of this design at Redbubble.
Linking up at Simple as That.

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My favorite time of the year.

autumn quotes

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First day of a new story

Today is the first day as a stay-at-home mom. I have an extremely long to-do list. Last week I couldn’t wait to attack the list. I had the whole week planned out down to the day and time I will do what item on the list.

Well, it’s Monday. I am tired; and I am blogging instead of scratching something off the list.

Four things I will do today:

  1. Take a large load of donations to Goodwill
  2. Take Thor to the groomers
  3. Grocery shopping at Target
  4. Wash all sheets

I also made an appointment with a dog trainer (or is that human trainer?) for Thursday. So, technically that is five things I am getting done today!

Thor is having behavioral issues that if not taken care of he will be finding a new home. {sigh} More on that later after I see how the trainer goes. I am praying he is a Cesar Milan wannabe and gets us on track.

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