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Snowy weekend

As I write this on a snowy Saturday afternoon I feel more like crawling under the bed covers.

Last night we picked up our ’72 Charger up from restoration. It’s been in the shop since May to have it completely redone. I will post more on that next week. Glenn was like a little kid on Christmas morning when he got behind the wheel of his finished car. Men are funny that way.

We enjoyed corn and cheese chowder from The Pioneer Woman. It was soooo good. But, it is not low fat.

Glenn and his mother drove out to the Ranch in Deer Trail to visit his aunt and uncle. Both have been fighting cancer. Please pray for their strength.

We wouldn’t have even left the house with it snowing if it wasn’t for Parker’s gymnastics lessons. We would have been happy to stay home in our pjs and having a craft day.

This is what my table looked like all-day-long. It’s been soooo long since we had a craft day.

…And the living room floor. Christmas crafts already? Yep! And we watched Miracle on 34th Street. The one with the cute Mara Wilson.

We had to make a quick stop at Target. The girls begged for these animal hats. They have a scarf attached that are also mittens. Too cute!

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The weekend is always better with cake!

It’s a long 4-day weekend for the girls with no school on Friday and Monday. And it started with a bang!

Alex had major girl drama with her BFF. They are only 10 & 11; how much drama could there be? Hurtful words were exchanged, feelings were hurt, cell phones were taken.

Then, at parent-teacher conference I found out that this girl-drama is going on at school too. More than I knew. Nope, my little angel isn’t perfect. Now what do I do? I do know this: Being pre-teen is hard. These girls are learning how to navigate friendships and social groupings. I can’t fix it. I can only be there to listen. Guide her. And, hopefully the teacher will have that talk with them and get them straightened out. (Just kidding, mostly.)

The sad news that Jessica Ridgeway’s body was positively identified came late Friday. We all knew it and cried still. Cried for her family. Cried for the sweet girl whose life was taken too soon. Cried for our children in the neighborhood. This is too close to home and everyone has a tight rein on their kids.

Parker had her 6th birthday party at Hyland Hills Gymnastics. The kids had a blast and at only $8 a kid, I was one happy mama.

She wanted a luau too, so we ordered a beach-theme cupcake cake. Note the icing on the candle? Yeah, it broke. It was Alex’s quick thinking to “glue” it back together with icing. Smart kid!

Parker swinging off the swing into the foam pit. I wish I had a picture of hubby doing a flip off the beam into the pit! If we haven’t been married for 17 years I would have been like, “Hey, baby! Wanna go out tonight?” Instead, I held my breath in hopes that the ER wasn’t the next stop.

Blowing out the candles on her actual birthday.

Her choice for dinner: hot wings. Yummy!

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We have a big weekend coming up…Alex has her solo ice skating competition on Saturday. She told me tonight she has one butterfly in her stomach. That made me laugh. She keeps insisting she isn’t nervous about it, but her coach and I know better.

My mother-in-law’s house is on the market. She is moving into a retirement community July 1st. She is excited. We are excited. Her 1,500 sq. ft. apartment is within walking distance of our house, instead of the 45 minute drive to her house now. That will be so nice to have her closer.

I have 5 more working days of work and I’ll be a stay-at-home mom! I am so excited I can hardly keep my mind on work.

Parker with the Easter Bunny

We attended an Easter egg hunt last weekend at a martial arts studio…note the black belt the bunny is wearing.

Ugly laundry room

My first order of business when I am not working is to get this hideous laundry room in order. Does anyone have ideas on what I can do with the ceiling? I mean, without breaking the bank? I can’t gut the room, so I have to work with what I’ve got. The Tool we bought the house from was a do-it-yourself-not-so-handyman. He didn’t finish the walls correctly (note the open insulation). It’s no wonder our heating bill is sky high in the winter!

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Whatever happened to good ‘ol fashioned book reports?

WARNING: I just need to vent.

I just want to know when it happened that 4th graders are expected to do so much homework (a.k.a. busy work)?

My 4th grade is reading the novel Robin Hood and His Merry Men. She brought home a packet of fill-in-the-blank worksheets and crossword puzzles. After an hour and a half of me helping her, we still could not finish the assignments. I even read the 3 chapters that referenced these puzzles…and, apparently, I am not smarter than a 4th grade teacher.

The night ended with her frustrated because we couldn’t finish, and me “Googling” for the answers (or any word that would fit in the crossword space).

So, I have to ask, “Whatever happened to good ol’ fashioned book reports?”

Read the book. Write a report. Stand in front of the class and read it. Done. Simple.

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Retail therapy…’cause it’s cheaper than real therapy.


We skipped ice skating lessons this morning. Alex had a headache and I needed the extra sleep after the stress and sadness of these last 2 weeks. (Sorry coach!) I am still in shock that Kari died from a stroke. Everyone says, “she was so young!” Yes, she was young, but stroke knows no age boundaries. If I think about it too long I cry. We shared an office. I won’t see her sitting at her desk anymore. And now I am doing her job too (or trying to fake my way through it). {sigh.}

So, it was retail therapy today. A trip to Party City for Alex’s 10th birthday party next weekend. $70 in party decorations. I NEVER spend that much on throwaway party items. Ever. But, it’s cheaper than real therapy right now. Thinking about budget and saying “no” makes my brain hurt too. It’s a Monster High Doll/Pirates of the Caribbean theme. I know, weird.

Acupuncture treatment for stress, hormones and this pesky sinus pressure. Four needles in my face and viola…my sinus headache is gone!

Out to lunch with a friend who moved from ‘just down the street’ to an hour away. At 3 Margaritas, my treat. Yummy.

Walmart for birthday presents, pillows, & curtains. Therapy.

Am I any happier? Not really. But I have pretty pillows to lay my head on and cry, if I need too.

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