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Top 7 Road Trip Fights

Ah, nothing signals the official start of summer like a road trip. The open road can be exciting to some. The anticipation of the destination…the photo ops…the places never seen…travel stop food…the constant “Are we there yet?” question… and the “Don’t make me pull this car over!” response…

Pack several people in a small confined space of a car, or even a mini van can be too small, and you’re guaranteed to fight…at least once. And there will be meltdowns…there are always meltdowns (and not just from the kids either)!

I have had my share of road trips over the years. Some of which we now laugh about, and some we would like to forget.

We drove all the Way to Albuquerque to Sleep in the Truck Road Trip: Hubby (boyfriend at the time) and I got a wild hair to drive to Santa Fe, NM for a weekend. It was hot in the city…“So, why not?” we thought. Turns out there was a Harley Davidson convention in Santa Fe and there was not one vacate hotel room. We drove on to Albuquerque where we found no hotel rooms. We then drove East on I-40 where we were met at a motel by a family who had be driving West from Amarillo, Texas looking for a spare hotel room! We gave up, parked at a truck stop, reclined the front seats back and slept until about 5 a.m. We drove back to Denver the next day. This is why I do not go anywhere without a hotel reservation to this day! Ever.

Did She Just Leave us Road Trip: A group of us (6 teenage girls) went on a road trip/canoe/camping weekend that ended with one of the girls (who will remain nameless) driving home without us. There was a fight (among teenage girls, imagine that), some hurtful words were said. She threw the other girls’ stuff from her car into the parking lot. She left us in a fiery at a laundromat in Lebanon, Missouri. Fortunately we had my car, but that was 5 girls, and all our crap crammed into a Ford Escort. We did eventually forgive her.

And, then there was the infamous He Threw What Across the Interstate Road Trip: A lot of my road trip misery started as a teenager. One such family trip included my Mom’s boyfriend, let’s call him “Roger”. Roger pitched a toddler sized fit about the luggage rack Mom had rented for the trip. Actually it was a hillbilly luggage rack that consisted of two 2×4’s and suction cups stuck to the roof of the car and “secured” with rope. After many attempts to keep this thing in place speeding down Interstate 70 in Kansas, Roger had had enough. He pulled over and ripped the rack right off the car and throw it across I-70 into the median. Needless to say, Mom didn’t get her security deposit back.

So, in honor of our road trip we are taking this weekend, here are the (drum roll, please)…

Top 7 Things People Fight About on Road Trips

  1. Driving skills, including driving too slow, tailgating or changing lanes to often. I drive the speed limit, Hubby drives 5-8 miles per hour over it. Let’s just say I have never got a speeding ticket on vacation. Hubby has not been so lucky.
  2. The temperature inside the car. Someone is always too hot, or too cold, or wants the windows down. Yep.
  3. Directions. Don’t fight. Just do as I do, blame MapQuest.
  4. Where to eat. I like to get in, eat fast and get back on the road. Hubby hates eating fast food. Ugh.
  5. Swearing at other drivers or flipping them off. Never.
  6. The volume in the car. This includes the volume of the radio or the volume of the kids yelling at each other. Guilty.
  7. Smoking. To smoke, or not to smoke in the car, or smoking breaks. Neither of us are smokers so that is an easy one.

Are you surprised at what people fight over on road trips? I thought #6 would have ranked higher on the list. Do you have a memorable road trip fight? I’d love to hear about it.

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Hospitality: Texas Style

Destination: Ft. Worth, Texas, Flinn Family Reunion, June 25, 2011

“Are we there yet?” “Are we getting close?” “When are we going to be there?” “How much further?” These questions can only mean one thing: You are traveling with kids!

Almost 800 mile one-way, from Denver to Ft. Worth, and I was trapped in a mini van with 2 anxious kids. Even the busy bags I packed for the trip couldn’t entertain them enough, so they turned to seeing how fast they could drive mommy crazy.

Turns out it was a short trip.

Don’t let the cuteness fool you. This was our first night stop in Amarillo, Texas. This is where I threatened to rent a car and drive back home…oh, yeah, I did! Did you know the most annoying noise to the human ear is a whining child? It’s true. Someone got paid big bucks to conduct a study on the subject…lucky them.

Big Texas waffle in Ft. Worth. Finally, we arrived at Springhill Suites DFW, no thanks to MapQuest. FYI, MapQuest does not account for road construction, so we got lost. Glenn’s cousins, Karen and Becky, planned the family reunion and worked their tails off. Their hard work paid off big! I saw a billboard that read: “Hospitality – Texas Style” and the hotel staff was just that…friendly, ya all! Actually, everywhere we went in Ft. Worth people were friendly.

Mommy and Parker

The suite at the hotel was one of the nicest we have ever stayed in. Springhill Suites has an indoor pool, which is the only thing the girls cared about, and it also across the street from Grapevine Mills. Grapevine Mills is a super-mall complete with LegoLand, Sea Life Aquarium, a skate park and an ice rink. You’ll be surprise to know we did not ice skate…there was just too much to do! The mall is huge, so pack your patience.

Cityscape made of Legos

Speaking of patience: LegoLand. If you MUST go to LegoLand in Ft. Worth, may I make a few suggestions:

  • Buy your tickets online. You cannot use coupons if you buy online but you do get a slight discount anyway. And, more importantly, online tickets gets you a FastTrack to the front of the hour or more line to the ticket counter. Saving 20% on tickets is not worth me waiting in line for over an hour with cranky kids. But don’t think you still don’t get to wait in line…it was another hour before we got into LegoLand itself.
  • Again, Patience, Patience, Patience. This place is like Chuck E. Cheese on steroids. A Valium might work too.
  • Bring your wallet. The Gift Shop, the only way to get out of this place, ain’t cheap. No discount shopping here.

First, we are herded into a small room to watch a Lego video, then into another small room to see how Lego bricks are made. I swear I read online that we would get a sample Lego brick to take home, but we did not. Then, wait some more in a winding line to get on a life-sized laser game, then, only then, do you get into LegoLand. Don’t say you weren’t warned.

Cool Fact: Did you know the U.S. is the only country that calls them Legos? Other countries call them bricks. Lego is the brand, bricks are the product. Silly Americans.

My lillte swimmer

The pool is cool

Our last night in Ft. Worth we ate at Cozymel’s. My mother-in-law and I ate the BEST chicken enchiladas with a sour cream sauce. I don’t even want to know how many calories were in this dish!

Even with the Texas heat…102 degrees every day…we had a good time (except when we were on the road).

Summit of Capulin Volcano, New Mexico

On the way home we stopped at Capulin Volcano in New Mexico. Always a good stop, and cheap, $5 per car.

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road trip part 2

The wedding…

The whole reason for this road trip: Glenn’s niece, Tiffany was getting married to Jason in Baton Rouge. The theme, in one word: McDonald’s. Since the bride and groom met at McDonald’s, and are both now managers, it seemed only fitting. The colors: bright pink and yellow. Also, the bridal party wore brightly colored hi-tops with their name embroidered on the side. Party favors: pink, white and yellow printed M&M’s of the bride and groom. The grooms cake: chocolate with the golden arches on top in yellow icing and Ronald cookies around the side. The brides cake: the best cake ever! The icing looked like fondant (yuk!),but it was just smooth as silk butter cream icing. Heaven on a plate. My hats off the the baker. The ceremony was beautiful with a full-blown sermon at the beginning. If I was disappointed that I had to miss church on Sunday, I didn’t need to worry because I got the sermon on Friday. His sermon was on keeping a marriage strong…just look to Jesus. This surprised me because Tiffany had been raised agnostic. I was also surprised (and happy) to learn she has found her own faith and, together with her new family, attend church. The ring bearer: Tiffany’s 5 year old son, Jody. The flower girl: Tiffany’s 3 year old daughter, Angel. Parker later found a partner-in-crime in Angel when the two were found outside playing in the water fountain soaking wet in their beautiful party dresses!


The day after the wedding we headed to New Orleans. We wanted to check out how the city has been rebuilding since Hurricane Katrina 5 years ago. I have never had a bad experience in the Big Easy until that day! Our first clue should have been the fact that we waited in line to the Aquarium for 40 minutes in the heat. Glenn and I have decided that people are just rude and in a bad mood because it is so hot and humid there. I know of 4 people who left New Orleans in a foul mood! I didn’t take one picture there, that should tell you what kind of mood I was in.


We then headed to Slidell, LA. Glenn spend much of his childhood there and wanted to find his home. On the way we saw so many homes that have just been left after the hurricane. Left to rot and over-grown with vine. It was so sad to see. Glenn’s old neighborhood looked as though it fared well from the hurricane though.

Our time was over in Baton Rouge and we headed to Keystone Ranch (the family ranch) in Albany, TX. In Ft. Worth I stopped to fill up with gas. Once back on the road we noticed the A/C was blowing only HOT air! It was 103 degrees in Ft. Worth and we were now cruising down the interstate in a toaster oven on wheels! Finally, 3 hours later, we arrived at the ranch. The mechanic in town couldn’t fix the car so we decided the next night to pull an all-nighter and drive the 13 hours home to Denver. It was really too hot to run around the ranch much, even after the rain shower. The girls really enjoyed the ranch cats. There were maybe 14 cats in all. They were too fast to get an exact count. Alex wanted to sneak one home with her.


We visited with Harley (Glenn’s brother) and hid kids. His wife didn’t show up…again. But that’s a whole other Oprah for another day. We then headed home. I am thankful it was a safe trip but I am always glad to be back in my own bed!

And thanks to for the frame templates in my layouts above. Check our her blog. She has lots of freebies and beautiful layouts!

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road trip

Road trip from Denver to Baton Rouge.

Day one: We stopped to take a look at Capulin Volcano outside of Raton, NM. The area between Raton and Clayton, TX  is an 8,000 square mile volcanic field! All these years of us driving to Texas and never have we stopped to take a look. The girls enjoyed to side trip. We hiked into the center of the volcano and saw some interesting flowers and a couple of lizards sunning themselves.

Capulin Volcano

That night we stopped in Childress, TX at a Comfort Inn. The girls only cared that the hotel had an indoor swimming pool. Parker slipped on the pool edge and fell in head first! She can’t swim. Thankfully I was floating nearby and was able to grab her before her head hit the bottom of the pool. I scrapped up my knee because I hit the bottom of the pool getting to Parker.

I grew up on a lake in Missouri and every year the water patrol would come to our school to give us a water safety lecture. And every year they would present a slide show of people who died in the water. I can still see their blotted bodies on the screen in front of the class. Those images have never left my mind. My heart stopped for a good long while after Paker fell in the pool.

Day Two:Natchitoches, LA. Holiday Inn Express. Again, all the girls demanded was a pool. This hotel was beautifully decorated in chocolate and blue. Very contemporary furnishings. The girls loved to jump on the beds. I had to laugh. The suite had flyers all over the room talking about how to conserve energy. You know, turn the A/C off when you leave the room; but the A/C was set to 65 degrees when we walked in. Or, the flyer in the bathroom that read: let the water run for a few minutes to let it warm up. How is that conserving water if you have to let it run for 2 minutes before it is warm? I don’t know. I am sure Holiday Inn has good intentions but what is with the styrofoam plates and cups at the breakfast bar? Those things aren’t biodegradable.

Hotel Road Trip

Stay tuned…more of the road trip to come!

And thanks to for the frame templates in my layouts above. Check our her blog. She has lots of freebies and beautiful layouts!

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big texas night sky

We’re back from our road trip. I will have pictures and stories of the adventure or misadventure, however you want to look at it, later. We had car trouble along the way (no A/C) and decided to cut our trip short and drive home from Texas to Denver overnight. Texas is 100 degrees in the shade during the day, by 11:00 pm the temp had only dropped to 85 degrees! Since we had no A/C any drop in temp was a good thing.

As I am cruising downing the highway at 11:00 pm. My 2 year old is fighting sleep in the seat behind me. I can see her beautiful face all aglow from the portable DVD player in my rear view mirror. Her angelic face. Her big blue eyes that shine even in the darkness. The smell of the fresh air blowing in from the car window. The stars up in the big Texas sky. Millions of stars. When you live in a big city you tend to forget about stars. I am mesmerize. I turn my attention back to the road. I realize the speed limit is 65 mph at night, not 70. I reset the cruise control. There is a flash of heat lightning in the distance. I pray to our Lord Jesus for a safe trip tonight. Protect my precious family. My beautiful daughters. I count myself very lucky to be so blessed. I thank Him for that. Very lucky.

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