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How do you use Instagram?

I take pictures with my phone or iPad and post them to Instagram, but I am not sure why…Yikes. Don’t hate me.

Don’t get me wrong. I like technology. I argue with hubby that Instagraming/twittering/blogging/texting will help keep me in touch with young technology. In other words, it will keep me from turning into an old man who says he  “ain’t got time for that”. He is lucky when he actually sends a text message correctly.

I think the photo effects are cool.

I like to follow cool and creative people.

It is a social network with little pressure to post. Obviously I am not very social. I have only 5 followers. I follow 19 photographers. {sigh}

Or, maybe it’s just so I can document my whole 82 photos for Project Life.

Instagram scrapbook layout


So, how do you use Instagram? Oh, yeah, you can follow me on Instagram (link to the right). I could use the followers.

Sometimes my 11-year-old comes home and shows me a video on YouTube that is so funny you cry! Some days that is all you need.

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another school year

Another school year has started. Alex is a big 3rd grader now and has really taken notice to fashion. Oh, I am so in trouble! Above is the layout I did for her first day of school.

Parker started Pre-school too. She was excited but also sad that she would be leaving her favorite teacher, Mrs. Liz.

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summer: in the moment

This In the Moment is brought to you by Parker Faith and simple joy on a tire swing.

Digital scrapbook elements & background paper: Bohemian Summer by Michelle Coleman at

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