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For the Love of S’mores


Selfies of me and the girls at Saltgrass on Mother’s Day…


It was a 45 minute wait at 3 p.m. I had to keep the girls entertained some how!

We have a gas fire pit in the backyard and the girls favorite summertime treat (besides popsicles) is s’mores. We either make the traditional version with Graham Crackers, Marshmallows, and Hersey Bars…or we make these:

We made these simple s'mores

Easy s’mores

I am thinking we may need to try something new. Something exciting. Something different. The girls are traditionalist. Me, I need experimentation.


Love Pinterest…

Do you need to try something new this summer? Check out my Pinterest S’mores Love Board.

I am really liking the S’mores Buffet for our next barbeque; and the S’mores Bars (no fire required).

Ooooh, what about smearing the new Mocha Cappuccino spread from Jif on Graham Crackers and smashing a gooey marshmallow in the middle? Just thinking…

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By the second day of school they forget about you…

It’s the second day of school… Parker, who is in Kindergarten, declares she doesn’t need me to walk her into school anymore. Anymore? I only walked you into school one day, kid!

Instead of “Hello Kitty” her shirt should say “Hello Trouble”. Good luck Mrs. Kindergarten Teacher!

Alex is very excited for 5th grade. It was only yesterday when I was walking her into school every day for Kindergarten. Unlike her ‘lil sis who doesn’t need me anymore…

First day of school s’mores in the backyard. I love these new marshmallows that are square. It makes for a less sticky fingers.

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That’s how we roll in Colorado.

S’mores on the back patio in winter with 1-2 inches of snow on the ground. Because that’s how we roll here in Colorado!

We made these simple s'mores

Hello Moon

 I gave it my best shot (pardon the pun) in capturing the moon from the back patio.

The Denver Broncos and QB Tebow made it another nail-biter with their win in OT against Pittsburgh…Sports Authority at Mile High was rocking! Next week, New England who has had Denver’s number this season. We all need to say a little prayer. Not that God really cares about football, but still, it can’t hurt.

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easy s’mores

All you need is this:

(I got those telescoping marshmellow roasting sticks pictured in bottom left hand corner at Target…$1 in the Dollar Spot!)

…You get this:

That’s all you need to yummy goodness!

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