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For the Love of S’mores


Selfies of me and the girls at Saltgrass on Mother’s Day…


It was a 45 minute wait at 3 p.m. I had to keep the girls entertained some how!

We have a gas fire pit in the backyard and the girls favorite summertime treat (besides popsicles) is s’mores. We either make the traditional version with Graham Crackers, Marshmallows, and Hersey Bars…or we make these:

We made these simple s'mores

Easy s’mores

I am thinking we may need to try something new. Something exciting. Something different. The girls are traditionalist. Me, I need experimentation.


Love Pinterest…

Do you need to try something new this summer? Check out my Pinterest S’mores Love Board.

I am really liking the S’mores Buffet for our next barbeque; and the S’mores Bars (no fire required).

Ooooh, what about smearing the new Mocha Cappuccino spread from Jif on Graham Crackers and smashing a gooey marshmallow in the middle? Just thinking…

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Staying cool in the summer heat

Running in the backyard sprinklers is a fun and easy way to take a break from the summer heat. The dog even gets involved!

summer time fun

summer time fun

black lab

summertime fun


Shake it off!

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At least they’re not fighting…

Give my kids a hose, a closed storm door, let them “spray” each other, and I have at least 20 minutes of non-fighting-quite-time…if I am lucky! And, the storm door protects my camera.


water play

water play

water play

water play

I’ve been reading Tom Ang’s Digital Photography Masterclass. It’s has been very helpful. I really like the “assignments” after each chapter so that I can go out an practice what I just read. These photos would be filed under “catching the moment”. You gotta work fast when photographing kids!

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Summer Bucket List…check one off the list.

Here’s a great little inspiration to keep the kids busy this summer…Badges of Fun from Disney’s Family Fun. There you can print out a badge chart, then just go outside and complete one of the suggested activities or adventures to earn a badge. This month we chose rock painting. Using outdoor acrylic paint, we spruced up our front yard garden area with these beautifully painted decorations.

family of frogs...ribbit!


P is for Parker

small rocks in the planter

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summer: in the moment

This In the Moment is brought to you by Parker Faith and simple joy on a tire swing.

Digital scrapbook elements & background paper: Bohemian Summer by Michelle Coleman at

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