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A Lesson in Carnivals


Parker’s fist “roller coaster”: The Caterpillar! (ooh, scary)

merry go round

This merry-go-round is boring…and old!


Carnival Candy


Alex rode the Avalanche 3 times!

ferris wheel

Selfies on the Parker’s first ferris wheel. Only 5 tickets each = $10

ferris wheel

Ferris wheel in black and white


Finally, daddy is smiling because we are leaving!

A tough lesson for my kids at the street carnival: Carnivals are rigged. No, seriously. There is a reason you only see one person walking around with a giant stuffed panda bear. The games are impossible to win. I could have bought a non-flammable stuffed animal at Target for the price Daddy just paid trying knock the milk bottles over with a baseball. John Stossel did a hidden camera show on that once…the milk bottles are weighted and the baseball is not a regular baseball, it’s lighter. But, when you have kids, that’s what you do. You try to win them a giant stuffed panda bear.

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I need to a vacation from my vacation…

…And it was only 4 days! It was a quick trip to Wichita, KS. We loved seeing my lil’ sis, her awesome kids, my soon-to-be brother-in-law, and my mom (aaahhhh!). With only 2 full days in Wichita we had to pack a lot in.

First up was Tanganyika Wildlife Park. This is a 100% private zoo supported by visitors. It’s compact so you don’t spend all day walking. And, the best part is that it is interactive.


Gibbon Island. Photos by Haley


My mom watching the Gibbons (me next to her in orange). Photos by Haley


Don’t touch the Lemurs, but you can have a chat.

Tanganyika has the ONLY Lemur feeding island in the United States. Don’t touch or pet them, but if you have a seat on the rocks one might climb up in your lap, like on my hubby’s lap (below).


Aren’t they cute?


Lemur on Hubby’s lap. Haley taking a photography break to text.


Feeding the giraffes are always fun.

wichred kangaroo

Check out the joey in the pouch.

These Red Kangaroos seem tame but they are wild animals. Always keep an eye on your kids that they don’t touch the animals in a way that would cause a good day to go bad. Most of the Kangaroos were carrying a joey.

After the Zoo we went to downtown Wichita for the RiverFest. There were vendors selling homemade crafts, jewelry, and clothing. I bought a necklace made from a penny. It was too hot. So I took the kids back to the hotel to swim. We had planned to go back downtown for a fireworks show, but it rained and it was cancelled. Sad faces in the house.

build a bear

Another stuffed animal from Build a Bear…Patrick Star and Gary.

We shopped ’til we dropped. Grandma blessed the kids with (too much) spending money. Parker brought home 8 new stuffed animals. She is a little stuffed animal hoarder. Alex and Haley got a lot of matching clothes. Shelby got her ears pierced, again. And, Chance got skateboard stuff. We had Subway and Chinese at the food court. It’s always fun at the mall.


I didn’t buy this for her…

The other thing she is obsessive with is candy. She bought this sucker at the mall that is as big as her head.


At the pool

The kids swam off their shopping buzz at the hotel pool. The water was freezing but the kids didn’t mind.


Starbucks break.

Yes, she is 6, and I did give her a Starbucks. How do you think I keep her so small? Don’t freak out; it was a treat and she never drinks even half of it. And, I may have bribed the kids to get out of the pool with Starbucks.


Gift from Aunt Shannon

Aunt Shannon was s kind enough to walk the kids to the park. On the way home they stopped and bought a 32 oz. Icee at the corner store. It was as big as Parker’s head (again). That’s okay. My kids were staying with her. Hubby and I went to the hotel. She paid the price of buying them pure frozen sugar goodness!

wind farm

Giant wind farm outside of Salina, KS


Just inside of Colorado, beautiful sky.

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Through the Weekend Lens

learning to ride bike

In the cal-du-sac

Parker begged to take her training wheels off her bike. Okay, I may have bribed her with a new bike if she learned to ride a two-wheel.

riding bikes

She needs a new bike too…and a helmet that fits her head!

learning to ride bike

A neighbor is helping run up and down the cal-du-sac.

learning to ride bike

Got to learn to balance.

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School’s out for summer…

hula hoop

What says “summer” better than hula hoops?

washing bikes

Washing the bikes in the driveway.


Last day of school: wash the bikes.


Planting of herbs: Thyme, Oregano and Cilantro


It’s cherry season!



black lab

Even Thor is happy for summer!


It’s summer, time to pull weeds.

Pull weeds easy by watering them first. Then pull at the base of the weed. The weed will come out, root and all.

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ali edwards

Credit:  “joy” text by Ali Edwards.

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A week in the life as a SAHM

And you thought I’d be sitting around watching home improvement shows all day. Not even close. (Okay, I watch a few.)

I am knee-deep in scrapping the peeling paint on the house trim. I have 2 sides scrapped and primed (except the very high part that I need someone to hold the ladder for). Estimated completion time: 3 weeks. You’re in luck little sis! I won’t put you to work while you are here on vacation.

And then it rained. This morning I had to sand the primed areas because I didn’t get it painted before the rain. The forecast is for 2-3 more days of rain, so today it was a race to beat the rain. There is a rotted board above the garage that needs to be replaced too. Why can’t home improvement projects ever be straight-forward and simple? {Ugh!}

Before and after house combo colors

By the way: Have you heard of MyLowes? Create an account online and you can store all your paint color numbers in your MyLowes account; so no more saving a gazillion empty paint cans. And, pick up the free MyLowes card at the store, register the card on your account, and every time you make a paint purchase (or any other purchase) it automatically logs in your account as long as you scan your MyLowes card at the register. Why didn’t they think of this sooner? I have logged all my old paint colors before the City comes by to pick up the massive pile of paint cans that was stored in my laundry room.

I cannot eat pancakes every morning! Even if they are mini pancakes and of the frozen variety. I did this for 3 days straight and then put the fork down. Mostly because we were out of pancakes…

Drinking coffee from a pretty cup tastes so much better! It’s a little treat everyday. This morning I made a pot of coffee but was in such a rush to get started on the painting that I completely forgot to have a cup!

The snowball bush is in full bloom. They look so spring-pretty on the kitchen table.

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