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Thanksgiving and Giving Thanks

pumpkin pie

creamy pumpkin pie

November 18: a gift made, shared, passed on

  1. quilting gifts all day
  2. this creamy pumpkin pie recipe (shared with you)
  3. clothing donations passed on

November 19: 3 gifts of autumn

  1. golden sunrise
  2. squirrels stealing pumpkins
  3. crunching leaves under foot

November 20: 3 gifts of tradition

  1. display of giving thanks
  2. writing gift wish list  (kids)
  3. family ancestry for class project to share a family tradition (photo below)

November 21: 3 family gifts

  1. sweet hugs and kisses
  2. laughter
  3. movie night

November 22: a gift grateful

  1. grateful for all blessings, large and small

November 23: 3 gifts only in Christ

  1. truth
  2. light
  3. love
dutch doll

Dutch heritage doll with wooden shoes

Happy Thanksgiving!

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A month of giving thanks

thanksgiving quote

Scientific research shows that giving thanks for just 3 things a day makes you 25% happier.

Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday. It’s the calm before the rushed craziness of December. It’s a time of family and friends. It’s a time to openly give thanks for all we have…even if you are struggling financially, have health issues, emotional problems, whatever, there is ALWAYS something to be thankful for. And, November is the perfect month to celebrate that.

November 1 : 3 gifts eaten

  1. Larmar’s chocolate donuts
  2. coffee
  3. breakfast for dinner

November 2: 3 gifts worn

  1. winter coat
  2. Halloween costumes
  3. gloves on Halloween night

November 3: 3 gifts that start with N

  1. sewing pal Neighbor
  2. Nighttime
  3. November

November 4: a gift gathered, given, good

  1. food bank donation (1. Gathered–food; 2. Given–money; 3. Good–good food, not stuff in the back of my cupboard that I won’t ever eat.)

>>> A month long giving thanks fest brought to you by the Joy Dare. What are you thankful for? Write it down…and get happier. >>> Giving thanks quote prints now in the shop. Prints are as low as $6.60 and greeting cards are as low as $2 each.

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Hunger in America…it’s not who you think.

If you think that hunger only happens to “those people”…

If you think that “those people” are just lazy because they visit a food bank…

If you think that “those people” just need to “get a second job” so they don’t have to choose between groceries and paying the electric bill…

If you think that you will never be one of “those people”…

You need to read this by The Happy Hausfrau.

hunger in american infographic

Hunger in American by the Numbers

November signals the start of the holiday season, and preparing for a Thanksgiving feast. But, for many in America the holidays are a time of struggle to put food on the table.

1 in 6 Americans struggle with hunger…and it’s not who you think.

It could be your child’s teacher, the mother sitting next to you at the PTO meeting, your co-worker, the senior citizen cashier at Target, or your best friend.

I remember a brief time during my childhood when my mother (during her divorce) stood in line for Government food. Specifically, Government cheese. I remember standing in line, and the cheese. It was good cheese.

My mother was not “lazy”. She was not “living off the system”. She was not homeless. She had married young and became a homemaker. Then, she suddenly found herself being a single mother, just trying to feed her two young girls. She did eventually find a job outside the home, but for that brief time, she did what she needed to do. We have never talked about it, so I don’t know how she really felt about having to ask for help. But, I am willing to bet my mother never thought she would be standing in line for food.


On average Americans spend $10-$25 per week on their Starbucks® (or other brand) coffee fix.* The food bank in our community can more than double my monetary contribution…$1 will provide $2.50 worth of food. One week of Starbucks® coffee would provide $25-$62.50 worth of food. That’s big.


For the record, I have my own Starbucks® habit. I have nothing against a hazelnut frappuccino or a peppermint mocha. It’s freakin’ delish! But, for the cost of a latte you and I can fight hunger in America today. Skip the caffeine, instead, take what you would spend on coffee, once a week for a month, and support your local food bank. That’s my challenge to you. Don’t have a coffee habit? How about soda or fast food? Same challenge to you. Or, better yet, do it for two months.. {gasp} or a year! Do the math.

Won’t you consider joining me in the fight against hunger this Thanksgiving Season?

Maybe you have never needed to visit a food bank. You truly have something to be thankful for this season.

But, what if…


Mark your calendar for Colorado Gives Day, Tuesday, December 10. Donations will be accepted at Colorado Gives with a goal to inspire and unite Coloradans in supporting local nonprofits.

*Source: The Cultureist (price based on age group; $10/week age 45+; $24.76/week age 18-34).

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Holiday shopping, Santa, and Turkeys

My mom was in town for the Holiday week. Love that! She lives 2 states away. The kids really loved it because she spoiled them rotten at the mall. Oh, ya she spoiled me too with a new pair of boots.

Parker sat on Santa’s lap twice, at two different malls. This is the Santa at Park Meadows Mall in Highlands Ranch.

gold studded boots

It is also were Mom and I fell in love with this pair of Michael Kors gold studded boots in the window. I bet her the boots are $250. She said, “Really? You think?” I was wrong. They are $450.  But they are beautiful!  This day we also went to IKEA, ate lunch and oohed and aahed at the kitchens.

We visited 3 Justice’s at 3 different malls. Alex was in heaven. Of course, I can’t blame her. Love the clothes in this store! But it was overload.

Parker finally shopped ’til she dropped. Me too, honey.

Alex was so ready to help prepare Thanksgiving dinner. About 4 carrots into peeling she decided it was too hard. Yay for me!

Parker lasted 1 potato… Thanksgiving is my favorite. It’s a holiday all about family and good food. Food that takes hours to prepare and only 15 minutes to devour.

colorado mills mall

Merry Go ‘Round inside Colorado Mills Mall.

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There is always, always, always something to be thankful for.”

Author Unknown

Right now | I am painfully aware that some of my extended family are struggling with the loss of a father, the impending death of a mother. The sorrow and heartbreak is undeniably unbearable. I have prayed that the Lord will be there to comfort in their time of need. I am thankful that they, as a family are together today.

In my Thankful bag | Being able to stay home with the girls, the Lord’s love and grace, quiet days, yummy recipes, snowy craft days, the girls coming together and helping clean the house, good food and family to share it, awesome friends, my Mom is in town, acupuncture, a warm and fun house, my girls’ laughter, and hubby.

No matter the circumstances in your life, there is much to be thankful for. Sometimes it is hard to see. But it is there.

May your Thanksgiving day be blessed with family, friends, great food, and thankfulness.

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Happy Thanksgiving {Printable}

Free Printable Here.

I am thankful my mom is here with us this holiday. The last time she was in Colorado, I was expecting my first child (9 years ago). I was 3cm dilated and Mom and Ron were on their way back to Missouri from Mexico. They waited to see if I would move along in the labor process. I didn’t. So they left to drive home. I gave birth to Alex the next day, almost in the hospital parking lot, but that’s another story.

Now that Ron has passed on, Mom has time and energy to travel. I am excited to watch her hug on the girls. Still trying to talk her into move out here but she has her own calling. She has a new chapter to start. Time will tell.

I wish you all a very happy Thanksgiving day full of blessings and laugher. God bless.

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