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Women Who Inspire | The Mercy House

Today I receive 3 new Christian music CDs in the mail from EMI. I won them from Kristen at  We Are That Family (and The Mercy House). Although winning something is always awesome, I really wanted to introduce you to the double-force behind  The Mercy House.

Kristen, living in America, is mobilizing support for Mercy through her blog and donations. Her partner in Mercy is Maureen, who is working in Africa.

The Mercy House was established as a safe haven for young pregnant girls in Kenya, Africa. The young girls accepted into The Mercy House have no safe place to call home.

The stories are all different. Yet all the same. They are all filled with unbelievable pain: Step-fathers forcing themselves on young, scared girls. Orphaned pregnant girls sleeping on the ground, scrounging for food because they’ve been kicked out of their house. And finding girls too late, suffering from the trauma of self-aborting, injuring themselves, then trying to commit suicide.

God has given us a dream to build a house of mercy in the heart of Africa to help heal and offer hope to pregnant girls.

The Mercy House Shop sells beautifully made jewelry and art made from recycled magazines. The girls at The Mercy House craft these one-of-a-kind creations to sell. 25% of the sale of these items goes into a fund for the girls’ future, the other 75% goes back into The Mercy House to sustain monthly expenses.

The girls are taught living skills for the future, such as sewing, meal preparation, and cleaning. The girls also receive prenatal care including ultrasounds and blood work.

The Mercy House is a testament of God using women to leave this world a better place than they found it.  That is why Kristen and Maureen are Women Who Inspire.

May God richly bless The Mercy House in the years to come.

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Women Who Inspire | Amanda Lindhout

Photo from

I know this is all over the web today but, seriously, I cried this morning when I first heard this story on the Today Show.

Amanda Lindhout is truly a Woman Who Inspires! 

In 2008, Amanda Lindhout was a freelance journalist in Somalia when 
she was kidnapped and began 15 months of nightmarish captivity. But 
today she has returned, determined to make the country a better place.

Check out this link to read the whole story: Once a kidnap victim in Somalia, she returns to help.

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women who inspire

Enough negativity! Here’s something to inspire you as the 9th anniversary of September 11th approaches:

Beyond the 11th: Founded by two American women whose husbands were killed on September 11th, our mission is to reach beyond differences of culture and geography to embrace the most essential of connections: humanity.

Afghan widows are highly vulnerable and trapped in an ever-deepening cycle of extreme poverty and helplessness. Beyond the 11th funds programs that help widows gain the skills necessary to generate their own income and become self-sufficient. We strongly believe that education and empowerment are the keys to creating lasting social change.


These women are making a difference! Learn more go here:

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kids who inspire

I want to share this story I read in The Denver Post yesterday:

It’s a story of a little girl, 7 years old, who had endured painful chemotherapy for the treatment of a brain tumor. Allison Winn, a Colorado resident, had surgery and then treatment for 2 years. She is now 9 years old. During her treatment one of the things that gave her strength was her dog named Coco. This spring, when she was feeling better, she decided that if Coco could help her through this tough time in her life, maybe a dog could do the same for another sick kid.

CD21SERVICE DOG_CMSo, this summer she set out to raise money by selling homemade dog biscuits at a lemonade stand and outside businesses. She raised enough money to buy 3 dogs which she donated to other cancer-stricken children. She gets the trained dogs from the Colorado Dept. of Corrections’ correctional industry program.

Wow! She is only 9 years old and she is already making someone’s world better! What an amazing girl. (That is her is the green and pink and the little girl in white is the lucky recipient of a new dog.)

You can read the entire story at:

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